St. Louis settlement does not include a resolution as to Stan Kroenke’s argument that he shouldn’t pay it all

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The NFL has resolved its external issue with St. Louis. The NFL has not yet resolved its internal issue regarding the funding of the money that will be paid to St. Louis.

Per a source with knowledge of the situation, the question of whether Rams owner Stan Kroenke will be responsible for the full amount of the $790 million settlement remains unsettled. The league’s position continues to be that Kroenke is responsible for the payment. The money will be charged to his in-house account, with shared funds that otherwise would go to him not going to him.

The league has shown a willingness to consider assisting Kroenke with the total payment, and it’s still possible that Kroenke will litigate the issue based on indemnity language that apparently leaves much to be desired, opening the door for Kroenke to leave his partners holding the bag.

Although the language may support his argument, he has to ask himself whether he wants to take such an aggressive position against the rest of the owners. He’d have to sue them, for example. He’d have to challenge the Commissioner’s authority to determine the issues. Go too hard in pursuit of that point, and it could be hard for Kroenke to get things he wants, like Super Bowl and Scouting Combines and draft.

And before you say the rest of the owners wouldn’t cut off their nose (or as Simms would say bite off their nose) to spite their face, they’ve done it before and they’ll sure do it again.

12 responses to “St. Louis settlement does not include a resolution as to Stan Kroenke’s argument that he shouldn’t pay it all

  1. Roger and the other 31 freeloaders panicked when freeloader 32 went rogue on them. They decided to pony up pocket change to make this go away before things went even further south. They got enough on their plate with DC sniffing around their email servers.

  2. Good information that the League can charge the amount to Kroenke’s NFL account, deducting it from franchise-shared revenues he’d otherwise get. This forces Kroenke to be the one to take legal action if he wants to try to put the other owners on the hook with him. Should be interesting.

  3. I’m hopeful to read that St. Louis at least got a future expansion team out of this ordeal or they settled for likely 1/4 of what they could have gotten, while exposing the league, the owners, and the finances.

  4. Why would st Louis ever get another team they can’t keep the ones they had not like it was just one chance

  5. I’m sensing a Stan Kroenke email leak in 3…2…1 if he doesn’t contain here and get in line with the NFL

  6. So he needs to go full “Al Davis” to get out of paying 790 million out of his pocket plus all the legal fees he’s already incurred? He and the NFL’s lawyers are probably already negotiating to keep that from happening.

  7. He already paid $500 million as part of his agreement with the NFL to leave; I’d certainly sue over an additional $790 million. And is the NFL really so corrupt that they can settle a case (they agreed to allow the Rams to leave), agree to terms, and then extort someone else to pay the settlement?

  8. Wow, why would the NFL gift another team to a city that couldn’t support two franchises?

    Take your money and go away.

  9. All I can think of is two things with this deal: (1) I’m glad Kroenke is getting hammered; and (2) I wonder if that law firm had this case on a contingent fee arrangement?

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