Anthony Brown on his four DPI fouls: It’s just one of those days

Las Vegas Raiders v Dallas Cowboys
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To his credit, Cowboys cornerback Anthony Brown answered every question after the worst performance of his career.

Brown had four penalties for 91 yards in Thursday’s 36-33 overtime loss to the Raiders.

“It’s frustrating, but at the same time, we’ve got to deal with it,” Brown said. “We’ve got to try to fight through it. The other team is dealing with it, too. They’re getting calls, too. So, we can’t complain about that. We’ve just got to keep fighting.”

Officials called 33 penalties, with 28 accepted, the most in a Cowboys game in history. The Cowboys had 166 penalty yards, a team record.

Brown’s stood out, though, as he had four costly pass interference penalties — an 11-yard penalty while covering Bryan Edwards, a 30-yard penalty while covering DeSean Jackson, a 17-yard penalty while covering Jackson and a 33-yard penalty while covering Zay Jones.

“It’s just one of them days,” Brown said. “I’ve just got to watch the film, see what we can improve and get better. I feel like I was in position for all of them. I’ll just try to turn my head. . . . Just got to get better. Just trying to get better.”

Brown’s final penalty put the Raiders in field goal range, setting the up at the Dallas 24. Four plays later, Daniel Carlson kicked the 29-yard, game-winning field goal.

“By that time, I wasn’t even trying to put my hands on the guy,” Brown said. “I guess it was an underthrown ball. You know, receivers are taught to jump back into the DB. So, I really don’t know. He grabbed the back of my helmet. I had my hands up. I just have to turn my head, I guess. I have to get my head around as quick as possible.”

Brown had only one penalty this season before Thursday. He had an illegal contact foul against the Vikings.

9 responses to “Anthony Brown on his four DPI fouls: It’s just one of those days

  1. Look the nation has seen this in the MNF Steelers Bears game where officials decided it and a couple years back again national stage Lions Packers game with Roger Goodell in attendance and Bogger McFarlane making sure the entire viewership saw how unfair the calls where that decided the game . And we could go farther back to there biggest Stage the Super Bowl XL where they did the same thing . And then afterwards they tell us fans we didn’t see what we saw three to four times and in slow motion to boot.

    Yet we will still watch it but now its dovetailed into gambling I don’t think it can continue with legal gambling now being incorporated into the NFL product

  2. You guess you had to turn your head around? Any DB at ANY level is taught to play the ball.. Bad calls on both sides but not on that

  3. Calling PI when the receiver stops and tries to come back is BS. Contact is initiated by th WR.
    I’m not even a Cowboya fan. I’m being totally objective

  4. At least one of those PI flags was a horrible call. In fact, the one should have been offensive PI. Opening up gambling on sports across the country is looking like a huge mistake. I am a fan of neither team and the officials are controlling the outcomes of some of these games. Teams not covering the spread. Underdogs winning games with help from officials. It is sad to see and hard to watch.

  5. All of those were correct penalties. Sorry Jerrah, you cant not look for the ball. Penalty everytime.

  6. Yeah, that those were definitely on the right side of legit, but that last one was a bit yikes. He kept his hands to himself and the receiver grabbed his helmet, haha. If he had even halfway attempted to turn and actually play the ball then he would have an argument. Always glad to see a player own up to it.

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