Bears edge Lions 16-14 for Thanksgiving win

Chicago Bears v Detroit Lions
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Thankful may not be the word viewers of Thursday’s game between the Bears and Lions use for having sat through the contest, but the result will be met with a lot of approval at Bears head coach Matt Nagy’s table.

After a short week filled with speculation about whether this would be his final game as the Bears’ head coach, Nagy watched his offense go on a long drive in the fourth quarter that resulted in a short Cairo Santos field goal to win the game 16-14. The victory ends a five-game losing streak in Chicago and will allow Nagy to avoid the displeasure of being the first coach to lose a game to the Lions this season.

It looked like the Lions might have a chance to win the game before time was out in regulation, but the Lions picked up a delay of game penalty for calling consecutive timeouts while on defense. Andy Dalton hit Damiere Byrd for a first down on the next play and the Bears were able to run the clock out before Santos’ try. The final drive ate up the final 8:29 of time in the game.

The penalty was the 10th of the game for the Lions, whose lack of discipline killed them on offense. They wound up with multiple third-and-32 situations due to pre-snap and holding penalties that hamstrung an already unimpressive offense.

Dalton was 24-of-39 for 317 yards, a touchdown, and an interception in place of the injured Justin Fields. The last drive was a compelling argument for him to remain the starter against Arizona next week.

Jared Goff was 21-of-25 for 171 yards and two touchdowns on drives that saw the Lions get aggressive with their play calls, but the Lions offense was otherwise content to risk little and get little in return.

50 responses to “Bears edge Lions 16-14 for Thanksgiving win

  1. I’m not one for rash decisions but the entire Lions coaching staff should be fired immediately. Back to back time outs? 12 men in the field during an extra point? Running plays on 3rd and 30, twice? 10,000 holding calls? Sheesh.

  2. Lions coaching staff is so inept, they couldn’t bite a knee cap if you gave them the dentures….

  3. It’s not hard to see why the Lions are winless. That was some of the worst coaching decisions I’ve ever seen in the final 2:30. It was like they tried to lose. Not calling a TO before the 2 min warning, then calling 2 time outs in a row, then playing 10 yards back on the WR on 3rd and 3. I really don’t understand how people paid to do this for a living can make such simple mistakes that many times in a row.

  4. Another Clueless Lions DB not understanding defensive audible, sparking the latest end of game dumpster fire. #Pathetic

  5. Lions gonna Lion.

    At a certain point I just feel bad for those fans. I know what it’s like having your team suck but this franchise is biblically bad…

  6. My goodness, the Lions coaching staff is completely inept. A lack of talent is one thing, but at least coach up the talent that you have. Way, way, way too many errors that a competently coached team would not make.

  7. I’m beginning to think Dan Campbell may not be a good NFL head coach. Some of the most embarrassing game management and mind-boggling penalties I’ve ever seen.

  8. As a Bears fan, I truly feel sorry for Lions fans. I thought Nagy was bad until I watched today’s game. Campbell should be one and done.

  9. I might be wrong, but I think the Lions had only 10 players on the field which is why they called the back to back timeouts. Either way, to be so wasteful of timeouts like that, and trying to call a timeout before the next play too, the coaching staff from the top down, failing the team there.

  10. Game management should be #1 priority for a coach. Campbell’s debacle with it and an undisciplined football team are enough to fire this guy while this so-called rebuild is in the early stages. Make the move now before you lose another 3 years with bad coaching.

  11. Campbell needs to fired. Maybe a nice guy and emotional BUT he’s not a good coach. Poor play calling and the Lions are extremely undisplined….3 or 4 offensive line penalties in a row?

  12. The worst part is again he has a 5 year guaranteed contract. I felt really bad for Lions fans they tried not to lose but int h e end the coach lost the game for them

  13. Only explanation is ownership told Campbell to be sure to protect the draft position. They’d probably prefer he didnt make it so obvious tho.

  14. First time I saw Detroit this year but wow! I cannot believe they could actually be this bad…. from coaching decisions to players mistakes. This team is light years from being able to be called quality and I am not even talking about the QB position. I was willing to give Campbell a year but now I am not sure he is the one to lead a rebuild.

  15. Diehard pats fan and Bostonian. My wife is a Chicagoan and obvious bears fan. Since I live in Chicago, I’m relegated to the bears, and my pats on Sunday ticket.

    No disrespect to the long suffering lions and bears fans, but enough is enough. The nfl added a 17th game and eliminated a BYE week while adding another playoff team.

    The league obviously cares solely about money. It’s time to drop the lions from thanksgiving day as an automatic home game. They seriously need to be dropped. it’s an embarrassment for their fans and honestly, as much as I hate the leagues greed, get a better game figured out.

  16. Mistaken headline: “Lions Edge Selves After Horrific Play-Calling And Inept O-Line Play”

  17. The Lions deserve a good coaching staff..I’m starting to think this is not on the players..With the Cincy and Eagles games being an exception this team has been in almost every game..
    I’d be mentally exhausted if I played for this ‘not well coached’ team

  18. I would still fire Coach Nagy anyway. This win doesn’t mean anything for them. Keep playing Dalton if you want to win any more games this year!

  19. That was an awful, awful game. The endless penalties and the extended commercial breaks. It was slog to sit through it. Neither team played well. If the Bears had been playing anyone but the Lions they would have lost by double digits.

    I’m embarrassed for thinking the Lions would win. The play calling was dull – boring. Zero imagination. The clock mismanagement at the end of the game was so bad I felt embarrassed. Campbell seems like a very cool dude, and like the way he values honesty and transparency, but it sure looks like he has no business being a head coach.

  20. Why does the NFL continue to allow one of their most historically bad teams to play every Thanksgiving?

  21. I realized early in the game I was watching two bad teams playing bad football against each other in a contest of who could lose instead of who could win. So I went and did yard work instead. Was back in just in time to catch the ending. I get it this was a good call. Now the yard work is done, Im showered and ready to watch what I hope to be a better game.

  22. Most of the players on both teams should be fired.
    Remember games like this when the next “expansion” wind starts to blow.

  23. To be honest I dont lay this season all on Campbell. Yes he is responsible because he is the HC. But his assistant coaches are the ones inept. They have had several lost games this season that could easily gone the other direction.
    I say give him one more season but he MUST change his coordinators

  24. Looks like everyone saw the same game….the common theme being poor coaching. I like to think Dan Campbell can amount to something, but the coaches around him are sucking the life out of this team. The roster needs enough work without bad coaching. I will say this though, the Dan Campbell version of the Lions still looks better at zero wins than the Matt Patricia Lions ever did.

  25. Two teams with combined winless streak of 19 games do best to extend it to 21, but twist of fate dashes that dream.

  26. The Bears barely beat the winless Lions. Still think Justin Fields is the problem? 68 yards rushing and 2.3 yard per rush? Maybe they suck because the offensive line sucks.

  27. For those of you calling for Campbell’s firing, he has a 6 year contract. He’s not going anywhere.

  28. Don’t look now Viking fans, but those Bears in your rearview mirror are closer than they appear. 😉

  29. Dan Camobell made Matt Nagy look like coach of the year. I wonder if Coach Campbell will be biting knee caps off turkeys for Thanksgiving dinner ?

  30. Who cares, the Bears and Lions are pretty bad. The Lions are worse though and have been for decades.

  31. Nobody wants to lose to a winless team. It comes with a lot of pressure. Who’s on the Lions home-field docket next week? Ah yes…….the Minnesota Vikings.

  32. Bears on track to draft about 15th-16th as per the usual.


    Unfortunately, the bears traded their 2022 1st rounder to the giants to move up and grab fields….unless they trade someone for a first, they aren’t picking for awhile

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