Bears privately call report of Matt Nagy’s imminent firing a “complete lie”

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The Bears have come up with a curious way of dealing with the report from a local Pulitzer winner that coach Matt Nagy is on his way out.

Beyond Nagy saying at his midweek press conference that the report that he’s been told he’ll be fired after today’s game at Detroit is “not accurate,” no one from the Bears has gone on the record to dispute it. Not chairman George McCaskey. Not team president Ted Phillips. Not G.M. Ryan Pace.

Instead, the Bears have leaked on multiple occasions the notion that the report is false. First, it was the report that McCaskey has told the players that the report is false. Now, Adam Schefter of says this: “George McCaskey and Ted Phillips both told [Nagy] this week’s report was a ‘complete lie,’ per sources. Nagy has not been told by anyone he’s being fired.”

That’s fine. But why not say it on the record? And why agree to push this stuff without insisting that someone go on the record?

If it’s truly a “complete lie,” why not say so? It’s a strange way of dealing with the situation. Indeed, while Nagy surely appreciates the private assurances he has received, he’d probably feel a little better about the situation if the Bears issued a clear and unequivocal statement about the situation.

As explained earlier, Bears fans will find out later today whether change is or isn’t coming. And it’s entirely possible that the initial report and the reaction to it has forced the Bears to abandon whatever plans they made have had to make a change after today’s game.

15 responses to “Bears privately call report of Matt Nagy’s imminent firing a “complete lie”

  1. I don’t understand why anyone from the Bears has to go on the record. On the record for what? Someone makes a statement. A rumor. I believe the teams make the news, and the reporters report that news. The reporters don’t create stories, and then the team has to respond to the reporter. I must be in another universe or something. The tail doesn’t wag the dog.

  2. I really don’t understand the idea of firing Matt Nagy. He’s brought the Bears to the playoffs in 2 of 3 years and hasn’t had a losing season. That without a top level QB. Now they have an uber-talented rookie QB who he drafted and developed thus far, and the future looks bright for the Bears. He’s a smart, collaborative, accountable guy who leads with character and lack of ego. Build up the lines, put talent around Fields, and the Bears will have as good a chance as anybody.

  3. They should have made the announcement on Tuesday “It’s a complete lie that Nagy will be fired after the Detroit game on Thanksgiving, because we fired him 5 minutes before this statement. Best wishes to him in future endeavors, etc.”

  4. This whole some truth or bad rumor just shows how bad the Bears front office is. Phillips and on up!

  5. As someone above pointed out the Bears senior management has no responsibility to anyone to say anything on this issue. However that poster also needs to be reminded that that same group has no responsibility to anyone to field a decent Bears team either.

  6. All this drama feels like a desperately orchestrated attempt to motivate the Bears players to show up for today’s game… and fans to watch it… which on its own is a pretty damning indictment of where this team has gotten to under Nagy. In any event it’s a really bad look for the Bears from top to bottom.

    My new suspicion is that now that Fields is injured and not subject to further ruin by Nagy, they may IR Fields and let Nagy finish out the season. Above all else the McCaskeys value the easy way over doing what’s right and that would be it.

  7. THIS IS WHY this organization is a dumpster fire. He should’ve been canned after last year. Sure they “made” the playoffs, but they were so inconsistent. Now, pace trades away 2022’s 1st rounder, which is almost surely a top 10 pick.

    Way to go McCaskey’s! Now you wonder why I’ll never go to a bears game and pay your prices for 5 wins a year!!!

    FIRE PACE AND NAGY SELL THE TEAM. The front office clearly is a group of clowns.

  8. I hope the McCaskets never sell the Bears. Their ineptness makes them the most entertaining ownership in the NFL.

  9. Winning head coaches don’t consistently have multi game losing streaks.

    Once, maybe, but not three years running.

  10. Don’t look now, Bears fan. Ownership is coming perilously close to imploding the franchise. You deserve better.

  11. The report was a lie?? Damn, that just blew my Thanksgiving. I was out in the street dancing! *slinking back inside with head hung low*

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