Ben Roethlisberger: Some things we can grow on from Chargers loss

NFL: NOV 21 Steelers at Chargers
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The Steelers lost to the Chargers after giving up a touchdown last Sunday night, but the final quarter of the game wasn’t a total loss for the team.

They put up 27 points in the final 15 minutes to erase a 14-point deficit and set up a wild finish to the game. On Wednesday, Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger said he would have preferred to get a win but he’ll take the positive signs he saw from the offense as the game came down to the wire.

“We finally were able to put some points on the board,” Roethlisberger said, via Ray Fittipaldo of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. “There are some encouraging things to be found from that game. Unfortunately, you don’t win. I think we would take the win and a crappy offense over a great offense and not win. But there are some things we can grow on.”

The Steelers won four straight before tying the Lions and losing to the Chargers. Roethlisberger said losing a game “doesn’t mean that you’re still not trending in the right direction” and that he believes that’s still the case for the Steelers. Proving it against the Bengals this weekend would be a boost to playoff hopes in Pittsburgh.

7 responses to “Ben Roethlisberger: Some things we can grow on from Chargers loss

  1. Steelers fans are bracing for the annual late-season Tomlin swoon, starting a little earlier than the past 3 season meltdowns. They’ll probably achieve an 8-8-1 record & Tomlin apologists will point to the ” never had a losing season” mantra to support this stuck-in-neutral Tomlin Administration.

  2. I hated this guy for years, mostly because he won, but watching him fight and claw against the Chargers reminded me he’s won two Super Bowls and lost one to Rodgers, and that he’s a fierce competitor to the very end.

    Right now as far as titles in this league, there is Brady, then Big Ben and then everybody else.


  3. Football fans have such a short memory, if recent history is any indicator, and I think it will be, Ben’s arm is now toast after that game and it’s back to all screens and checkdowns the remainder of the year.

  4. I don’t think Ben particularly cares for the offensive system under Matt Canada.
    That being said, he knows he’s not in his prime anymore. Thus offense will continue to sputter and D will decline as the season goes. 8-8-1 is the best that can be hope’s for.

  5. Ben seems to forget that the cheap shot Heyward led defense kept him in that game. Otherwise, he loses by 18. And by the way, it’s a crappy offense and they lost.

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