Eric Bieniemy still confident he’ll get a head-coaching job, eventually

Kansas City Chiefs v Las Vegas Raiders
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Chiefs offensive coordinator Eric Bieniemy has been one of the NFL’s hottest head coaching candidates for years, but so far he hasn’t received an offer. Nonetheless, Bieniemy thinks he’s going to be a head coach some day.

Bieniemy is interviewed in John Feinstein’s book Raise a Fist, Take a Knee, and he expresses confidence that a job offer is coming.

“I have to take the approach that those jobs were not supposed to be the job that I get,” Bieniemy says, via the Kansas City Star. “I know I’m going to get a job because I know if I keep working at what I do and we continue to have success, sooner or later someone is going to sit in a room with me and say, ‘You’re the guy.’ I just have to be patient.”

At the league level, the NFL has said it considers increasing the number of Black head coaches a priority. But the inability of Bieniemy to get a head-coaching job has led to questions about whether individual teams have the same priorities.

“I know when someone is hiring they aren’t just looking for talent, necessarily, or what’s on your resume,” Bieniemy said. “They want to feel comfortable with that person. I haven’t been in too many interviews where the guy interviewing me as looked like me. Or I guess you could say where I looked like him.”

Bieniemy is in his fourth year as the Chiefs’ offensive coordinator. He previously spent five seasons as the Chiefs’ running backs coach. Overall he has 21 years in coaching at the NFL and college level, following a nine-year playing career.

23 responses to “Eric Bieniemy still confident he’ll get a head-coaching job, eventually

  1. I look at a coach like Bienemy Daboll even Saleh and wonder, can they build a staff at their age, that will be seemless, and I say no.
    Success for young coaches is if they are a very hands on McVay type, but even that guy walked into a locker room full of talent on both sides of the ball.
    Bienemy has another problem. He is being picked off a coaching tree. The lack of success from the New England coaches is well in known. Why would Bienemy be different? He is only the OC for one of the hottest young QBs in the league, working for an offensive minded head coach…..

  2. He said the reason he’s not hired, or interview aren’t going his way is because he doesn’t look like them? You’re an NFL OC that’s been to 2 straight SB’a, making millions by the way, clearly the world has it in for you. Did you happen to comment on how you hired prostitutes for the satisfaction of your college recruits while you were at CU? Did you mention how everyone was fired after that? I’m thinking doing interviews for books titled “raise a fist” might be part of your problem bud…. Also, ask Chicago how they like Nagy, or what happened to Andy’s OC that went to Philly, I can’t even remember his name. They aren’t exactly great hires. Maybe GM’s have figured out that it’s Andy that’s the good coach, not his OC’s….

  3. Bieniemy does not have a clean background. He has had numerous arrests including dui and assault against a woman. Maybe the Chiefs are ok with that background in their employees, but if you want to make case about minority coaches not getting a fair shake, Bienemy is not your poster child.

  4. With the current atmosphere in the NFL where players and coaches lives are scrutinized for the slightest indescretion going back to childhood there will be many assistant coaches who never get to be head coaches.

  5. No doubt the Broncs will give him a good look – not because he’s black, but because he played college ball in the state.and you always like to take a weapon away from one of your tough opponents (the Chiefs)

  6. The league should push back the hiring date of coaches 1 week after trhe Super Bowl. It gives the guys who are still in it a shot, if nothing else.

  7. With all the teams this dude met with last year, Bieniemy just needs to work on his interviewing skills. Everyone knows he can coach.

  8. I think he should be thankful he didn’t take some of the jobs that were open last year. Those jobs were open for a reason–terrible ownership/management. Who would want to work for an organization like that when you can stay in a successful organization?

  9. Not getting a head coaching job has absolutely nothing to do with the color of his skin.

  10. His time from Colorado University is the reason why he’s not hired. No one seems to bring that up though.

  11. I 100% think that Bieniemy should get a HC role, BUT he does make me nervous. Hue Jackson was a great offensive co ordinator but a terrible HC, Norv Turner a great offensive co ordinator not a HC. I just feel he comes under this sort of umbrella, time will tell of course.

    After several great years in charge of the Chiefs offense he should be a Headcoach for sure, but just like most of the Patriot assistant coaches its a different story when you’re HC

  12. When the Chiefs started out underachieving this year, you never heard the name Eric Bienemy. There was no blame on him for their struggles, and now that they are playing better, now it’s Eric Bienemy

  13. At some point people should actually acknowledge that Bieniemy’s past arrest record has more to do with him not being a HC than anything else.

    Look at the blowback from when Chauncey Billups and Jason Kidd were hired in the NBA and teams aren’t looking forward to answering those questions when they “discover” arrests that happened 20-25 years ago.

  14. Well, it’s to his advantage to have one of the most sought-after qualities in hiring practices right now.

  15. If Bienemy has been one of the hottest NFL coaching candidates for years, why hasn’t he been hired?

  16. pkrlvr says:
    November 25, 2021 at 1:12 pm
    If Bienemy has been one of the hottest NFL coaching candidates for years, why hasn’t he been hired?


    Obviously one simple word: Racism.

  17. Bieniemy might want to think about tackling a collegiate program like Pete Carroll did. Prove to people that he actually has Head Coaching chops instead of hoping he’s got the ability to direct coordinators, trainers, athletes – run the entire shop.

    As far as I know, he never has done that at any level. Meanwhile…

    Nagy is in way over his head.

    Doug Pederson only went to Philadelphia and only won a SB, and I believe the Eagles made a hasty mistake firing him, time will tell if they come to regret that.

    Ron Riviera hasn’t done too shabby after spending time on Reid’s staff nor has John Harbaugh, and Sean McDermott appears to know what he’s doing also.

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