Jerry Jones isn’t a fan of “throw up ball”


Cowboys owner Jerry Jones has given us more than a few colorful phrases over the years. Here’s another one.

Throw up ball.

It’s an appropriate phrase on Thanksgiving, especially at this stage of the day. But he’s not talking about regurgitation, due either to gluttony or watching the Cowboys drop to 1-3 in their last four contests. He’s talking about a game in which several defensive pass interference penalties gave the Las Vegas offense significant chunks of yardage.

“I call it ‘throw up ball,'” Jones said after the game, via Michael Gehlken of the Dallas Morning News. “This will arguably be the most-watched game other than the Super Bowl. I hate that it got down to just throwing the ball up and getting the penalties to get you big plays.”

Jones has been in the league for more than 30 years. If he didn’t like “throw up ball,” he should have begun the push long ago to make defensive pass interference a 15-yard penalty, as it is at the college level.

Cowboys cornerback Anthony Brown was called for defensive pass inference four times in the 36-33 loss, for 91 total yards. One gave the Raiders first and goal at the one; they’d score a touchdown one play later. One moved the ball from the Las Vegas 43 to the Dallas 24 in overtime, after the Cowboys had punted and the rules had reverted to sudden death. That set up the decisive field goal.

For the game, each team had 14 penalties. For the Raiders, the fouls cost 110 yards of field position. For the Cowboys, 166 yards were lost.

That’s 276 total penalty yards — 37 more than the Lions gained in their loss to Chicago.

19 responses to “Jerry Jones isn’t a fan of “throw up ball”

  1. Last call was iffy at best. Like the refs were just looking to throw a flag. That kind of play happens and it’s called maybe 2 out of 10 times. In this case, it gave the game to the Raiders. Not a Jones fan but he’s right about this game.

  2. as an eagles fan I’d like to say Dallas got screwed on a few.
    that said, I really didn’t mind.

  3. I don’t know why every team doesn’t just Chuck it in the air every play and hope for the flag. Defenses aren’t allowed to do anything and everything is flagged. It becoming a 15 yard penalty instead sounds fine with me. It seems any inkling of aggression or high emotion in this full contact super sport gets flagged. And just for the record, I can’t stand either team but love the game. It’s getting out of hand.

  4. The DB interfered with the receiver. He should be careful what he wishes for, his offense will not be as shiny if interference is allowed.

  5. I get it. On the other hand if it is just fifteen yards penalty a db has to blow up all receivers in a deep pass scenario. What do I not see?

  6. The league is very very inconsistent. I get crews have different tendencies, but to have such wide gaps game to game, and even the crew call it so wildly different week to week, it’s just bad, regardless who wins

  7. I remember it used to be that way but every single offseason the rules committee enforces more and more rules they forget what the rules actually are so the just throw the flag. LET EM PLAY go back to old school football Bill Romanowski style!!!!

  8. Good defense is about taking position away from an offensive skill player and that’s exactly what happened here. The WR’s arms were around the DB’s neck when the ball hit the back of the DB’s helmet who made no other contact with the WR. Dallas got jobbed and I love seeing Jerry’s boys lose, but Brady and the Pats made a career of throwing deep balls for a flag in desperate situations. NE perfected PI theatrics and it fooled refs 99.9% of the time.

  9. Maybe don’t interfere and the red won’t throw the flag. If the DB plays it clean, Raiders would have made those plays. Honesorefs were flag happy the entire game.

  10. Throw Up is what you want to do watching the Cowboys play. That defense is awful other than Parsons. They are not a good team. Play in a soft division.

  11. The wheels are coming off , rounding into the home stretch , same old, same old! Then they will serenade McCarthy with ‘Happy trails to you’ as the Sun sets on another Cowboy’s season .

  12. Should had been one more after the game when his players are punching other players, you lost, wear it.

  13. Easy solution if it’s incidental make it 15 yards. If it’s egregious then the offense gets it at the spot of the foul

  14. He is right and it is a joke. And how do you know he has not tried to have it changed over the years. Bad teams and QB’s take advantage of it and is is BS. Jake Delhome make a career with the Panthers out of it. Underthrow the receiver and have him stop his route causing the contact. The referees in the NFL is becoming a joke. Some owner should file a lawsuit over damaging his teams value based on lost games due to the NFL referees. It would actually have merit.

  15. I thought all penalties were well deserved, but I do think the refs need to change the way they look at underthrown passes. I’m not saying change a rule, or make a new rule, I’m just saying if a deep ball is underthrown, and the WR changes course and comes back for the ball and initiates contact with the DB, stop calling P.I. on the DB. If the DB turns his head around to look for the ball, the WR can stop running and create contact. I mean that’s the easiest play in the world. So, by definition of the current rule, that’s offensive P.I. That didn’t happen in the Cowboys game, but I’m seeing it more and more. Pretty soon it’s going to be in every playbook around the league, if it isn’t already. Coaches aren’t stupid. They copy things that work. So if Jerry’s talking about that, he’d be taken much more seriously if he’d have brought it up a lot sooner. Not after a loss. Chances are he has brought it up before. Did anyone ask? Jerry’s never been known as a sore loser. I mean, the dude has a gold jacket.

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