Kyle Shanahan: Jimmy Garoppolo has a chance to return in 2022, Trey Lance is the future

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The 49ers spent their 2021, 2022 and 2023 first-round draft picks on rookie quarterback Trey Lance, but this year they’re spending $26.4 million on starting quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo. And they may spend $27 million on Garoppolo next year.

That’s the word from head coach Kyle Shanahan, who said Garoppolo has a chance to return next year and play out the final year of his contract.

“There’s a chance for anything, but I think we’ve made it pretty clear that Trey is our guy of the future, whenever that will happen,” Shanahan said. “But it’s also nothing against Jimmy that we took him, but we do think Trey is our guy of the future. Like I’ve said, I think it’ll be really hard, if Jimmy is on it, for him to beat him out right away. So it’s kind of going like that right now, and we’re not thinking much past that.”

Garoppolo’s salary next year is not guaranteed, so the 49ers can get rid of him in the offseason if they want. It has been widely expected that they will, and that Lance will be the 49ers’ starter in 2022. But Shanahan is not ready to say that just yet.

21 responses to “Kyle Shanahan: Jimmy Garoppolo has a chance to return in 2022, Trey Lance is the future

  1. You have to think there’s plenty of buyers remorse going on in SF right now given what they gave up for a guy who can’t beat out Jimmy G. Not that JG is a scrub, but he’s hurt so often it would be hard to count on him.

  2. looks like the 49ers aren’t going to the Superbowl next year…bet accordingly

  3. Don’t worry Jimmy, there are plenty of teams that need a good QB…Carolina, Houston, Denver, Giants and Jets to name a few…. The Niners are disrespecting you….

  4. If Trey Lance was a second round QB that makes sense, but not a first round QB anymore with the rookie salary wages and having spent 3 years of 1sts.

  5. This is a dangerous experiment for Shanahan. If Garoppolo is on that roster next year there will be a lot of frayed nerves in that building.

  6. WoW if this statement by Kyle doesn’t tell the 49ers faithful everything they need to know about SFs front office & what the 9ers front office thinks of Lance and his abilities as a passing QB then I’m not sure anything can bring the fanatics amongst us to the light. If San Fran feels more comfortable paying $27M to the QB you tried to replace over the young rookie QB you gave up 3yrs worth of premium tip draft picks for is an astonishing indictment on Trey Lance and how unimpressed they are with TL to this point. If Lance ends up becoming a bust this will severely harm/handicap the 49ers roster for YEARS to come, at least the next 4/5 years. If Lance is a bust the entire front office needs to be fired when SF could of stayed where they were at 12th overall giving up nothing n landed Mac Jones . Just some extremely questionable god awful decision making going on inside SFs executive offices.

  7. Why even make this statement unless you are trying to defend the fact that you gave up so much to draft a guy who isn’t close to ready?

  8. No way a smart GM would spend $27mill cap space on a “maybe” QB. W/b crazy not to shop Jimmy G around for top pix. They hitched their wagon to Lance – they have to see how it rides.

  9. All these comments stating that Shanahan’s remarks about Garoppolo being around in 2020 to show how flawed it was when they drafted Lance are missing the point and purpose of Shanahan‘s remarks. The purpose is to pump up Jimmy’s trade value in the off-season.

  10. Without extending Garoppolo’s contract, Shanahan’s message is very clear: Jimmy you are gone next year, hope we can get some trade value from you.

  11. Nothing Shanhan regrets more right now than trading up for a project,at best, or a bust,at worst. Meanwhile, Garoppolo is keeping the 49ers afloat when he’s healthy. Shanahan and Lynch may not be around to worry about it next year,and Garoppolo may be playing somewhere else.

  12. Three 1st rounders for a QB who is a project when they could have got him for free? Top 3 worst trades ever in the history of Nfl

  13. Let’s put it this way. If they had grabbed Mac Jones and Trey Lance fell to the Patriots at 15 – the Pats would have passed on him and Cam would still be in New England behind center.

  14. It would be hilarious if Jimmy G went to the Seahawks next year after Russell bails on them and then Shanahan has to face him for the next few years.

  15. Lance throws a hard, wobbly, inaccurate pass, and can’t read a defense. Besides that, though he has all the tools you are looking for, and Shanahan has always wanted to run the read option like Robert Griffin did in Washington. The best part of this is it shows that Shanahan really doesn’t know what he is doing, despite the arrogance. As a Rams fan, I love that Trey Lance is going to gum up the 49ers for the next few seasons.,

  16. Three years from now, neither Lance nor Garoppolo will be on the 49ers’ roster, Lynch and Shanahan will be gone, the 49ers’ will use their (first in three drafts) 2024 first round pick on another QB, and Tom Brady, who wanted to go there last season, will still be playing at a high level.

  17. It’s always something against your incumbent QB when you spend three first round picks and more to replace him. I don’t understand why Shanahan just doesn’t stop talking this nonsense. That franchise is still so worried about public perception, even though that likely got them into this mess in the first place.

  18. If Garoppolo is on the roster at the beginning of next season at $27 million that means the 49ers think Lance is a gigantic bust.

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