Mike McCarthy at loss for words after Cowboys have team-record penalty yardage

Las Vegas Raiders v Dallas Cowboys
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The Cowboys set a record with 166 penalty yards Thursday in the overtime loss to the Raiders. The previous record was the 161 they had against Washington in 1970.

The 28 total penalties — 14 on each team — called by referee Shawn Hochuli’s crew were the most ever in a Cowboys game.

“Twenty-eight penalties,” Cowboys coach Mike McCarthy said. “‘I don’t really know what the hell you want me to say. Write whatever you want. I’m all for it.”

The Cowboys had a touchdown taken off the board by a holding call on left tackle Tyron Smith. Cornerback Anthony Brown had four defensive pass interference penalties for 91 yards, prompting owner Jerry Jones to call it “throw up ball.” Linebacker Micah Parsons had a phantom roughing the passer penalty.

The Cowboys left dissatisfied with both their play and with the job officials did.

“I feel bad for my guys cause I know some of the penalties were 50/50; some would say really bad calls,” Parsons said. “It doesn’t matter. At the end of the day, football is an aggressive game and you’re gonna attack the ball, and you’re gonna play through the ball, and you’re gonna play the defender. End of the day, it’s gonna come to a point and time where when are you going to let us truly play?”

The Cowboys couldn’t get out of their own way against the Raiders. Losers of three of their last four now, they aren’t playing well enough to overcome 166 penalty yards.

“It’s obvious. They definitely affected the game,” quarterback Dak Prescott said. “But we’ve got to self-reflect and keep the officials out of the game. One way or another, we’ve got to be better. We’ve got to be disciplined. We’ve got to focus on controlling what we can control. Obviously, they’re going to happen. Feel like we’re targeted a little bit, but in the same instance, yeah, we’ve got to be better on our end to try to keep them out of the game.”

17 responses to “Mike McCarthy at loss for words after Cowboys have team-record penalty yardage

  1. 166 penalty yards?!?!?!
    That’s worth about 11 points.
    Thats huge and accounts for the difference between a good team and a bad team.
    Years ago the Falcons Coach Mike Smith would get his team to the playoffs because they committed few penalties.

    This needs to be a point of emphasis for the Cowboys coaches.

  2. Behind the jokes at the expense of the cowboys, there lies a problem. But hey its not like i know what im talking about at all

  3. How come when the Cowboys commit 14 penalties, it’s all the officials fault. But the 14 penalties called against the Raiders were all legit.

  4. There are penalties by both sides on virtually every play during a football game. A good crew realizes this and only calls the egregious ones and tries to keep it relatively equal, somewhere between 6 and 9 per team. The refs kept it pretty equal but, my God, I’ve never seen so many ticky tack calls. Offensive holding, defensive holding, pass interference. Only two of the PIs on Brown were legit and I think pretty much every spectator knew there would be one late in the game that would essentially hand a team the victory. Throw up ball is right. I almost threw up. Good job ruining a fun sport Junior Hochuli.

  5. Welcome to the usual Raiders experience! And for all the backlash, both teams ended up with almost identical penalties & yards. It’s a microcosm of the terrible refs and how there’s no accountability for their jobs.

  6. This crew is terrible. They always call a ton of ticky-tacky penalties. Wasn’t just this game.

  7. It’s one thing to throw the flag but then to gather around at the middle of the field and talk about it for five minutes is what drives me crazy make the call and stick with it or don’t make it at all

  8. The Cowboys are the most penalized team in the league. Maybe McCarthy should work on that instead of complaining about the officiating.

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