PFT Live, #PFTPM are taking a short break, but a new Playmakers podcast is coming


As you know by now, we’ll have fresh content at PFT every day of the year, all day long. This week, however, we have a truncated TV schedule.

So that our hard-working and devoted crew can enjoy the holiday with their family, we shut down PFT Live and #PFTPM on Thursday and Friday of Thanksgiving week. There may be some new videos reacting to Thursday’s game posted tomorrow, since they can be created and processed with minimal effort.

There definitely will be a new Playmakers podcast on Friday, since it’s just me recording an audio file and posting it.

As you may already know (but I’ll repeat it anyway), the Playmakers podcast is the exclusive audio product made available to anyone who preorders Playmakers and signs up for the weekly episodes.

With the holiday shopping season here, it’s the perfect time to preorder the book as a gift, for someone else or more importantly for yourself. And since the book won’t show up until March 15, the tangible thing that can change hands over the next few weeks can be the addition of the recipient to the list of those who get the Playmakers podcast, each and every Friday of the 2021 football season, which ends just a few weeks before the book comes out.

To preorder Playmakers, here’s the Amazon link. It also can be purchased from Barnes and Noble. And you can order it from Books-A-Million. Or via Or if you’d like to preorder through an independent bookstore, is the place to go. As always, a signed copy (somewhat amazingly, people are buying those) can be purchased from Premiere Collectibles.

After buying the book, upload your proof of preorder at the Hachette website, and you’ll have every episode of the Playmakers podcast the moment it goes live.

Depending on what happens today, I may tape Friday’s episode earlier than usual. So for those of you who already get it, thanks for preordering the book, and be on the lookout.