Report: Justin Fields has “a few cracked ribs”

Baltimore Ravens v Chicago Bears
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Bears quarterback Justin Fields will not play today, but there’s still not complete clarity on how much time he’ll have to miss with the rib injury he suffered against the Ravens.

Fields has “a few cracked ribs” and an MRI showed “additional issues,” according to Ian Rapoport of NFL Network.

Still, the injury is not considered something that would end his rookie season and he should return “shortly,” according to the report. While Fields is out, Andy Dalton is starting in his place.

The Bears’ primary priority this season was developing Fields, and the lack of progress on that front may cost Matt Nagy his job. And until Fields gets healthy, he won’t be able to show any more progress.

18 responses to “Report: Justin Fields has “a few cracked ribs”

  1. As long as Nagy is running this show, keep the kid parked. Wait until the next Bears swing-and-a-miss HC is hired.

  2. He won’t make any progress under Nagy and that’s clearly been shown. When Justin is healthy drop him to 3rd on the depth chart or put him on IR for the rest of the season. Save him for the next coach.

  3. Cracked ribs are no joke. If the Bears have any concerns about his health, its hard to see him getting back before late December/the last game in January.

  4. Nothing that 7 or 8 weeks off shouldn’t cure, I think. This is a blessing in disguise that may save the kid’s career. He was on the fast track to failure under Nagy.

  5. Cracked ribs can be very painful no matter how much protective equipment you wrap around the area. A direct hit will feel like a gut punch and will end the season for sure. Get a proper OL for these young QB’s before starting them. Seems to me GM’s and coaches haven’t figured that out yet.

  6. it’s not nagy’s fault that the kid hasn’t learned how to read a defense. That’s on him. Everybody but bears fans and the media knew what he was gonna be in the nfl.

  7. Matt Nagy: Fields isn’t ready, he needs to sit and learn.

    Bears fans: Fields must play!

    Matt Nagy: Fields does not yet know how to QUICKLY read defenses and make decisions. This could get him injured. He needs to sit and learn.

    Bears fans: Fields must play!!!!!

    ~Fields gets injured~

    Bears fans: Fire Nagy! He got Fields injured!

  8. People who don’t know their football think it’s cute and modern football when the quarterback runs. It works in high school and college just fine but Justin Field’s cracked ribs are why you don’t want a running quarterback at the quarterback position-you want a “quarterback” at the quarterback position!

  9. Cracked ribs can feel a bit better with anti-inflammatory medicine. But not enough to lift weights or even sleep well. The risk of playing would be a punctured lung. Why put this kid’s well-being at risk for what’s a lost season anyway?

  10. Fields should have sat for the year.
    He wasn’t ready to start and it showed early and often. The Bears are lucky that it’s only cracked ribs, and not an injury with long term career effects.
    But as noted above, Bears fans got what they asked for.
    Hope they’re happy with the results…

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