Zac Stacy remains free on bond, after his ex-girlfriend testifies that she fears for her safety

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Former NFL running back Zac Stacy was back in court on Wednesday, as his ex-girlfriend tried to persuade a judge to increase Stacy’s bond or place him on home confinement.

Via Monivette Cordeiro of the Orlando Sentinel, Judge Mark Blechman decided not to increase Stacy’s bail. However, he is prohibited from entering Florida, with the exception of attending court hearings. Stacy remains free on $10,150 bail.

Kristin Evans testified that she fears Stacy.

“I was slapped, punched — literally picked up and thrown into my TV,” Evans said in court. “This is not the first time he’s been violent with me. I am afraid for my safety and my children’s safety.”

Stacy’s attorney said that he will go to Alabama and stay with his mother until December. Then, Stacy will check into a Colorado mental-health treatment facility for 30 days.

Last week, Stacy violently and brutally attacked Evans. The incident was captured on video. He faces multiple felony charges.

6 responses to “Zac Stacy remains free on bond, after his ex-girlfriend testifies that she fears for her safety

  1. He’s out, yhy???? The justice system should have learned its lesson from what happened in Waukesha this week. Stacy should still be held not only to protect his girlfriend and their child but also for his own good.

  2. I doubt prohibited from entering Florida is reassuring to the victim. What is there to physically stop him?

  3. It’s unfortunate to say the least, but I’ve read that this young woman is getting the help she so desperately needs and Stacy will get what’s coming to him soon enough.

    Thankfully, there was video of this vicious attack, unlike the Dalvin Cook situation.

    This has allowed Cook to victim blame his attack, giving enough room for the Vikings and the league to cover it up for over a year now as they quietly try and bury that story.

  4. Our legal system does not care about protecting the abused. Protecting the abused is too much work and would require more funding than they have. So judges enable abusers to get out and terrorize their victims. Abusers don’t care about invisible barriers.

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