Zach Wilson wants to “just play football the way it should be played” in return to lineup

NFL: NOV 21 Dolphins at Jets
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While quarterback Zach Wilson was out for the last four weeks with a knee injury, there was talk from the team about him making strides mentally by watching Mike White and Joe Flacco run the offense.

Wilson is going to be back under center this weekend and he shared some of what he learned during a press conference on Wednesday. Wilson had a habit of holding the ball a long time before his injury and that often led to bad outcomes.

The other quarterbacks were quicker to check down and the first-round pick said that his plan is to “play fast” so that the ball was going to those who can make plays. He added that the need to get the ball out extends to knowing when it is time to scrap one play to salvage the chances of succeeding on the next one.

“Stats don’t matter,” Wilson said, via Brian Costello of the New York Post. “What’s the highest percentage play that’s going to put us in the best situation? Maybe it’s second-and-10, and somebody gets beat, and I gotta throw the ball at somebody’s feet. That’s the best play to put us in third-and-10, rather than taking a sack or forcing the ball up. Those big plays need to be there when they’re giving us those big plays. My mindset needs to be to make them pay when they give it to us, but if they don’t, I wouldn’t call it boring football. Just play football that way it should be played.”

Wilson will have a chance to show off what he’s learned against the Texans on Sunday.

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  1. The rookie always says the right things..let’s see if he can find a secondary receiver in less time than it takes to bake bread

  2. I think the most important thing for all of us to recognize here is that the Jets are not a dumpster fire.

  3. Gee, dumping the ball off to your RB when you go through your progressions and no one is open, what a concept!!!……..This kid and his coach are in way over their heads.

  4. His interpretation of “just play football the way it should be played” and how winning football teams define that are 2 different meanings.

  5. Wilson seems like a smart kid with a live arm. Jets have been here before with promising QB prospects. Hopefully they chose well but also won’t ruin a potentially very good QB with poor coaching and talent. Despite Wilson’s interceptions and “yips” on short passes, he already seems to have a higher floor and ceiling than Sam Darnold showed with the Jets. I hope his knee is strong and he stays healthy because I like seeing Wilson scramble, and the one thing seemingly missing from his game is the threat of a QB run. Maybe having the OC up in the booth and learning from how the backups dumped the ball off will help. Shame Michael Carter is out now with high ankle sprain, both he and Elijah Moore look like playmakers, so at least Wilson has young talent to grow with.

  6. You have a 22 year old kid saying he just wants to play Football the it should be played…… he has no idea how Football was made to be played, today’s players are so babied none of them have any idea what real Football means.

  7. Smart kid. When a QB gets drafted to a complete dumpster fire franchise, great things don’t usually happen for a couple years or so. Troy Aikman was 0-11 his rookie year, before going on to win 3 super bowls. Aikman looked hideous his rookie season, but he was also a smart kid, and he figured it out. Also, the roster around him was re-built, and that’s what they’re trying to do in NY. Be patient. Lots of super bowl winning HOF QB’s started out just like Wilson. The athletic talent is a great asset, but the QB position is 95% between the ears. If a young QB gets drafted by a team with lots of stability, the process is much faster.

  8. “Aikman looked hideous his rookie season, but he was also a smart kid, and he figured it out. Also, the roster around him was re-built, and that’s what they’re trying to do in NY.”
    So basically once the Cowboys got enough talent where they did not have to rely on Aikman to be exceptional they became dominant team. Not the argument you think you’re making.
    At best, Aikman was a good player on a great team. His numbers are mediocre when scrutinized, even for his contemporaries. Never threw for more than 3500 yards. Had more than 20 TDs in a season exactly once. Ended up with only 24 more touchdowns than interceptions in his career. He’s remembered fondly because he won three titles as a passenger on the best team of the 1990s.
    If Wilson ends up with similar numbers, and the Jets don’t build a comparably great roster as the 90’s Cowboys did, his career will not be hailed as a success.

  9. Its a rookie coaching staff, with a team that is building through the draft. Their top FA sign was lost in training camp to a torn achilies. The young LT went down with a new injury during the first game. Its the youngest team in the league. The losing sucks, but…there are going to be struggles. AT least they have a good LG, RB and WR out of the same draft, and we shall see if there is anything to Wilson in the rest of the reason.

    And they got a bunch of draft Picks for Sam Darnold.

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