After the season, the Saints will have some interesting quarterback decisions to make

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The Saints have a bird in the hand with Taysom Hill. After the season, it will be interesting to see whether and to what extent coach Sean Payton and company go looking for a major upgrade.

The return of Drew Brees to the Superdome on Thursday night served as a clear reminder of what the team no longer has, and of what it so badly needs. A franchise quarterback.

Hill, who gets a little as $20 million through 2023 and as much at $94 million through 2025 (check out the full breakdown here), gives them someone they can use if they can’t find a much better option elsewhere. The question becomes whether a much better option will be available.

In March, Russell Wilson‘s agent specifically identified the Saints as one of the four teams to which Wilson would accept a trade. Although Wilson’s performance this year has dipped, Payton could be fascinated by the possibilities of constructing an offense around the quarterback who throws the best deep ball in all of football, and who can accurately distribute the various short routes that fuel the New Orleans offense. Aaron Rodgers also could be interested in the Saints.

Second-tier options will be available as well, but it takes a lot more effort to coax a player of that skill level into the top tier. Jameis Winston, before his Week Eight knee injury, wasn’t performing like a franchise quarterback — in large part because he lacked the pinpoint accuracy that makes Payton’s short passing game go.

The Saints also could consider a rookie. With four straight losses and a 5-6 record, New Orleans could end up in striking position to do what Sean Payton wanted to do in 2017, when he was one just pick away from landing Patrick Mahomes.

It also won’t be a surprise, frankly, if Payton’s name makes a re-emergence on the Sunday Splash! circuit as a guy who could be moving on after the season. As some who chase a constant content quota may conclude, if Payton can’t bring a franchise quarterback to him, maybe he’ll take himself to a franchise quarterback.

Regardless, the Saints have gone from 5-2 to 5-6. Injuries haven’t helped. A prime-time date with the Cowboys in the Superdome is looming. At times on Thursday night, “who dat?” morphed into “boo  dat.” Another loss would extend the current streak to five.

For a team that has enjoyed a high level offense for most of the past 16 seasons, things are getting closer and closer to “something’s gotta give” territory. Over the final six weeks of the season, it’s a situation that merits careful consideration.

13 responses to “After the season, the Saints will have some interesting quarterback decisions to make

  1. Its a shame for them and Winston that he got hurt, else they would know what they have.
    This is a weak QB class.
    I think they have to go with Winston another year.
    Then go from there.

  2. Cleary even a blind man can see the Saints do not possess a real NFL QB if you can stomach rogers lies you can take him as a Packers fan i’m disgusted by him.
    Wilson is a truly great guy and QB one people could be proud of or better use two high draft picks
    that and change head coaches he has become as stale as the seahawks HC.

  3. It is not as big a deal as player health. They have had a huge rash of injuries. They could probably be put on the weeks without a home. That had to have some impact on player conditioning and recuperation after games

  4. I wouldn’t be surprised if he doesn’t walk away from the Saints after this year. Not only because their window is probably shut now, but also, you have to remember that the current owner is selling this team upon her demise, which puts everything in flux. It’s like the advice I said Mike McCarthy should have taken. Leave before you get pushed and that way you can pick your next spot instead of having to settle.

  5. Winston’s contract will be up and he played enough to evaluate… They show Peyton obviously did not have the trust in him to pass often as the Saints usually do… so resigning Winston would be counter-productive…

    Siemian is clearly not the answer…

    If it did come to being between Rogers and Wilson, WHY go with an aging Rogers Who could be struck by father time soon and retire when Wilson could give the Saints several more years of stability…

    The most interesting to me would be Wilson!..

    Now even more interesting is if the Dolphins move on from Tua and the Saints give him a shot…. under a good coach and the right training, he could be a great asset for many years to come!

  6. For a while I’ve been saying that Payton will be the head coach of the Dallas Cowboys. Just think of what he might be able to do with Dak Prescott et al. If the Boys flame out this year ( and when have they not flamed out in the last quarter century? ) I wouldn’t be surprised to see Payton in Dallas next year.

  7. There is no way on Earth that the Packers or Seahawks would trade their QB’s to an NFC team like the Saints. These are MVP’s still playing like it. they’re not Donovan McNabb…

  8. Need a qb for sure, but need lots more than just that thanks to bill that finally had to paid for years of salary cap shell game. Too much lost at too many key positions. It’s even gonna make retooling tough for a few years. But don’t waste money and time on Winston. Look at bucs pre and post ditching Winston. Says it all.

  9. “Jameis Winston, before his Week Eight knee injury, wasn’t performing like a franchise quarterback”

    Jameis Winston as the Starting QB was 4-2 with this WR core. Mind you he embarrassed the same Aaron Rodgers in GM.

    “— in large part because he lacked the pinpoint accuracy that makes Payton’s short passing game go.“

    You speak of pinpoint accuracy but Taysom and Trevor have been terrible in the short,intermediate,deep pass routes.

    The Saints have a QB on the roster he is just injured. We speak of Jamies and Turnovers, yet Tom in Tompa Bay threw a Pick 6 to end the game in New Orleans in the Game Jamies was injured.

    How about we publish articles that actually make sense. Russel Wilson should not leave Seattle… Pete should retire. The game has passed him by.

    Aaron Rodgers should not be trusted to lead a locker room after his debacle this year.

    Trevor, Taysom, Ian Brook are great clipboard holder and possibly signal callers but not live action QBs.

  10. The Saints are decimated by injuries. They need to just bomb the rest of the season and get some good picks. Hate to say that, but with the offensive injuries, the season is likely toast.

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