Jared Goff felt holding was called “a little too often” on Thursday

NFL: NOV 25 Bears at Lions
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Penalties were a big part of the story in the latest Lions loss.

A delay of game penalty for calling consecutive timeouts helped the Bears pick up a first down that ensured they’d kick a game-winning field goal as time expired and the Lions had 10 accepted penalties against them over the course of the game. Four of those were offensive holding calls and they had two others that were declined during the 16-14 loss.

Detroit faced a pair of third-and-32 situations thanks to some of the holding calls — and some of their four false starts — that quarterback Jared Goff said he felt were “not fair” when he spoke to reporters after the game.

“The false starts are absolutely on us,” Goff said, via Dave Birkett of the Detroit Free Press. “Those can’t happen, but you can call holding on every single play. It’s no excuse. We’ve done it too much and I know those guys are hard on themselves front, but back there they can throw that flag every play. To me, it seemed like it was a little too often on that call.”

Left tackle Taylor Decker had one of the holding penalties and said after the game that he’d never seen that many calls, but “if they interpret it a certain way” then “it just is what it is.” Decker said the penalties “killed us” and it’s hard to argue with that assessment of another close Lions loss.

15 responses to “Jared Goff felt holding was called “a little too often” on Thursday

  1. Holding happens on every play. We’re told that over and over again. The penalties I saw were plainly obvious holds, and it’s natural for Goff to complain that he wants them to be able to hold so he can go gun-slinging. Don’t want holding called? Get a better line.

  2. I have a feeling if the Lions weren’t already paying Patricia not to coach for them, they would can kneecap Dan Campbell. The double timeout penalty to make sure they lost was classic Lions.

    The downgrade from Stafford to Goff probably cost them 3 wins as a team as well. I think we all wish Goff well in his new career as a clipboard holder after this year.

  3. The refs were the main attraction of that game. But I will say there is something going on in Detroit. They seem to set up teams to win at the end of every game.

  4. it was so much fun watching last year when they decided if holding wasn’t egregious, don’t it. The amount they’ve called it this year is ridiculous. Every time your team has a good run you wait for a stupid holding call. Every time your team makes a good stop on 3rd and 17, you wait for a five yard defensive holding call. Now of course there are times it has to be called bc it has a huge effect on the play. But it’s making football practically unwatchable. Cannot believe the league hasn’t stepped in and said something.
    The other hysterical one is hands to the face. Every time they show a replay of the hold, one of the other dudes is pushing his opponent’s face into the sky.

  5. In terms of yesterday’s game, we also saw why Detroit loses all the close games. An 8 year old would know you don’t manage it that way. And then the dumb coach tried o use his third timeout.
    Plus, how do you play 15 yards off and give up a simple completion for a first down that essentially ended the game on that 3rd and 6 (or whatever)? Didn’t anyone explain the situation–you can give up a TD there and keep it a one score game but you cannot give up a first down. Such awful coaching.
    (And I still think they win without those ridiculous holding calls)

  6. I personally have had enough of this coach. How he snookered a 6 year deal is beyond me, dude is awful. Worst coach in Lions history, literally. Shame on Chris Spielman for hand picking this clown. #firethecryinglion

  7. You wanna blame someone blame the competition committee remember that clueless awful coach named
    Jeff Fischer so many of the problems we have can be traced back to him with the influence he had on that committee years ago .

  8. What if the Lions traded the Bucs the Turkey day game slot for a 2nd round 2022 draft choice? The whole country would benefit and we would get more Brady for another 5 years.

  9. Who in the world wants to see more Tom Brady? The referees give him everything! You can’t even bump into him without getting a roughing the quarterback! So why on Earth would anybody want to see Tom Brady on the field? The other team they play already has the disadvantage from the jump because Tom Brady is in that particular game. I can do without watching Tom Brady or Aaron Rodgers because they both get the same benefits from the referees! I just wonder what the referees would do when they’re both playing in the same game Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers? Who gets the benefits of bad calls in that game?

  10. The Lions held a awful lot when the calls are bad or very bad even the first thing you notice is the Announcer’s call it out. Frankly it was two not very good teams bumbling around and if they Lions had a decent to good backfield they would’ve had two three or more interceptions.
    The one thing the Bears do have is decent depth on the defensive front there sack numbers reflect that. if the line didn’t hold on passing downs the QB wouldn’t be able to finish the game let alone check down. The huge crime was the Lions runs seemed to work for the O-line much better than there pass blocking as the bears D-line was just penetrating going to the QB and had poor gap control Jamaal Williams had 4.3 yards per touch and they a long of 19 yards and they only gave it to him 15 or so times. Both teams are really hot garbage though 2 of the Bears four wins are against the Lions.

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