Matt Nagy: Justin Fields has cracked ribs, will start again when healthy

Detroit Lions v Chicago Bears
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Matt Nagy is still the Bears’ head coach, and Justin Fields is still their starting quarterback.

Nagy, brushing off a report that he would be fired after the Bears’ Thanksgiving game, spoke today like a man who expects to remain the team’s head coach for at least the rest of this season. And he said Fields will remain their starting quarterback for the rest of this season.

Fields has cracked ribs, Nagy confirmed, but he will start again as soon as he is cleared medically. Andy Dalton started on Thanksgiving and helped the Bears beat the Lions. So far this season the Bears are 2-1 in games Dalton starts and 2-6 in games Fields starts.

Without being asked about it, Nagy referenced a report that Bears chairman George McCaskey ordered him to start Fields, and said that report was false. Nagy installed Dalton as the starter at the beginning of the season and turned to Fields only when Dalton got hurt, but Nagy says it was his decision to stick with Fields once Dalton was healthy.

How much longer it will be Nagy’s decision remains to be seen. But as long as it’s up to Nagy, he says he’s sticking with Fields.

14 responses to “Matt Nagy: Justin Fields has cracked ribs, will start again when healthy

  1. Great organizational management.

    Traded up in front of NE and took Fields over Mac Jones.


    No one can explain this throughout the league, but Pats fans sure are thrilled about this kind of ineptitude.

  2. If you are going down in a sinking ship, why not keep making decisions that could save your life or in this case job. Let’s face it though, with out a miraculous turn of events, after going 8-8 in 2019, 8-8 in 2020 and the Bears currently at 4-7 for 2021. the former coach of the year is done. Watch for the news to come on Monday if it come’s in this season.

  3. Yesterday likely bought him till the end of the season. Which is bad news for Fields. Here’s hoping the kid is a slow healer.

  4. Foles is at his best when he comes in as a mid season replacement for an injured starter. While he’s streaky, Foles is as good as they come when he’s on his game. Why he’s sitting on the bench behind Dalton is beyond me.

  5. Too bad George McKaskey cant get fired. If his last name was not McKaskey he could NEVER….EVER… in charge of any NFL team.
    George, retire and have your team hire a professional person to run the team. You and your brother Michael have ruined a good franchise. You hired Trestman over Bruce Areans, you hired Pace over Chris Ballard. you are useless.

  6. “Traded up in front of NE and took Fields over Mac Jones.”

    It’s not that Jones is that much better than Fields. It’s that Belichick is a much better coach than Nagy.

    Belichick built the NE offense around Jones…starting him off with very simple play calls….and most importantly, running the ball so effectively that there was no pressure on Jones.

    The Bears, under Nagy, have no running game, which puts a lot more pressure on the QB, especially a rookie QB.

  7. If Nagy wants to win now, play and stick with Dalton.
    Fields isn’t ready. Nagy won’t be around when he is.
    Fields should be developed by the new coach.
    About sum it up?

  8. Fields is going to be another in the LONG line of OSU QBs who fail miserably at the NFL level. Haskins, Troy Smith, Cardale Jones, Terrelle Pryor, etc etc. QBs from OSU have NEVER made a pro bowl. Well Tom Tupa did… As a punter..

  9. Fields put up better numbers on the Lions than Dalton.

    Take your time healing, OL can solidify. This season is all about development of JF1. We’ll see what happens with the GM/Coach at end of season.

    Also, Fields went to Georgia and transferred to Ohio St. How many amazing QBs came out of Ohio St? How many came out of Cal? Anything is possible, so far he’s looking great.

    Mac landed in a better situation, unfortunately the rich get richer.

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