Raiders-Cowboys draws stunning 38.5 million viewers

Las Vegas Raiders v Dallas Cowboys
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The Thanksgiving game between the Raiders and the Cowboys delivered an enormous television audience.

CBS announced today that the game drew an estimated 38.531 million viewers. That makes it the most-watched regular-season game since 1990.

Nothing on American television, other than NFL postseason games, draws anything close to that number. This year’s most-watched World Series game drew 14 million viewers. This year’s most-watched NBA Finals game drew 12.5 million viewers. This year’s Academy Awards drew 9.9 million viewers.

The most-watched NBA game ever, Michael Jordan‘s last game with the Chicago Bulls in the 1998 NBA Finals, drew 35.9 million viewers.

The overtime game was suspenseful, although it was a penalty-fest that was far from the best football game the NFL could have put in front of that huge audience. But the league and CBS have to be extremely pleased with an audience total that dwarfs anything else on TV.

42 responses to “Raiders-Cowboys draws stunning 38.5 million viewers

  1. America’s Team. The Raider Nation. Always must see television. Can you just imagine the Super Bowl ratings? It’ll happen, within the next 2 years and it’ll be the highest rated television program ever.

  2. I’ll say this for the Cowboys. Whether you love them or hate them their games are never boring

  3. Many watched in hopes of seeing Jerry’s two Superstars “Dek and Zeke”get thumped.

  4. Not a surprise as the game featured 2 huge fan bases that also are 2 teams that many love to root against. It was entertaining and decided in overtime.

  5. I didn’t watch because of Kaepernick & LeBron and Jerry Jones telling us to get stuck with a needle. Must be fake news numbers.

  6. The NFL money train just keeps moving along gaining speed seemly each season.

    Not even Covid could stop it !

  7. Yep…Football on the Holidays is what you watch when you dont want to talk to the relatives.. Its built in family preservation

  8. This game was definitely the most entertaining of the 3 played yesterday,right to the end. I’m still surprised at the outcome. It’s hard to figure these teams out.

  9. I thought that dude who crashed and burned after one term in the WH said the NFL was failing?

  10. So, Anthony Brown embarrassed himself [with all those PI’s] in front of the largest regular season crowd in 30 years? Quite an accomplishment.

  11. Pairing a 2nd team with a National following with Dallas was a success…who would’ve thought.

  12. yeah, the most watched game to see yet again the most overpaid overrated starting quarterback in the league fail yet again to beat a team with a winning record;

    the Cowsills once again are not a teams they are a collection of athletes who out-talent weaker teams and get outplayed by good ones;

    they’ll once again back into the playoffs with a 9-8 or 10-7 record, maybe luck past a wildcard team and then get it handed to them once again by one of the true contenders;

  13. And after watching the team wearing the black and white stripes make the most plays those same viewers will say no thank you next time

  14. Two teams with the best uniforms in the NFL going at it on turkey day, gotta love it!

  15.  thought that dude who crashed and burned after one term in the WH said the NFL was failing?

    Yup! Just give it some time and he’ll be back better than ever! 2024

  16. I kept hearing the NFL is doomed. All the stuff about Colin Kaepernick, and all those players taking a knee. I thought the cancel culture folks were going to stop watching football. Well, somebody must be watching.

  17. Just wait until next years Thanksgiving Day game between Dallas & Green Bay. Oh did I just spill the beans????

  18. 34patfitz says:
    November 26, 2021 at 4:29 pm
    I thought that dude who crashed and burned after one term in the WH said the NFL was failing?
    It was just another lie.

  19. Tony Romo should be banned from doing Cowboys’ games. He is so pro-Cowboys it is ridiculous.

  20. But, but, but EVERYONE was saying TB Tommy vs Billy would be the “most hugest” regular season evah!

    Sadly they are two of the most disliked teams in the league.

  21. Really really really tired of the snarky comments about referees.
    It’s childish so knock it off.

  22. Having the game on certainly beats the alternative of sitting and talking with your family lol. Definitely missed having the games on yesterday at a non-sports watching house.

  23. And 38.5 million people got to see Jerry’s team LOSE!!! Love it!!! America was very happy last night!

  24. 38.5M people waiting to see the camera pan in on Jerry as the final seconds tick away with another Cowboy loss

  25. Two franchises with generations of fans and good teams this year? Good ratings on Thanksgiving day? Go figure.

    Too bad the NFL in the 70s never got to see a Stabler / Staubach Super Bowl. We’d still be talking about it.

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