Report: Cowboys consider sitting Ezekiel Elliott to rest his injured knee

Philadelphia Eagles v Dallas Cowboys
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Cowboys coach Mike McCarthy admitted Friday he is “concerned” about Ezekiel Elliott‘s health. The running back has played through a knee injury the past three games.

“Zeke’s running style is ferocious,” McCarthy said, via Jon Machota of “He gives a pounding, and he takes some hits. We need to evaluate that, and this week we’ll see what the preparation looks like for him.”

Ed Werder of ESPN reports that one consideration for the Cowboys is holding Elliott out of Thursday night’s game in New Orleans. That would give Elliott more than two weeks to heal.

Werder adds that injured reserve isn’t a consideration at this time.

Elliott has 32 carries for 98 yards and three touchdowns the past three games, adding 15 catches for 75 yards. He has split time with Tony Pollard, with Elliott playing 38, 46 and 47 snaps the past three games.

Elliott went on the practice report in Week 10 with the injury. He has had three limited practices and five full practices since but hasn’t had a designation and hasn’t missed a start.

He aggravated the injury against the Chiefs in Week 11.

16 responses to “Report: Cowboys consider sitting Ezekiel Elliott to rest his injured knee

  1. Never…ever…ever take a RB in the first round! I bet the ‘Boys and Giants wish they could have a do-over no matter what they’d say publicly.

  2. Weak Elliot and Lack Prescott and their contracts are the problem. I guess this is a step in the right direction. Addition by subtraction.

  3. Pollard has been better all season. Zeke’s contract is why he still get’s the carries. Pollard toting the ball to the 1/2 yard last night just for Zeke to get the glory TD was ridiculous.

  4. Just an excuse to avoid acknowledging what’s been clear all year, and that is Pollard is the better back right now.

    Elliot’s been missing his burst for at least 3 seasons.

  5. Pollard is the more productive RB anyway.Zeke has been hurting for awhile…what took so long?!

  6. Mike McCarthy felt the need to “signal” to Jerry Jones in public and ask for his permission to rest Zeke before the playoff run. That is the real story.

  7. Pollard isnt “better” than Elliot. And anyone with eyes and actually understands football (outside of fantasy football) know this. The only issue is that Elliot has been paid, Pollard hasnt. Elliot was unstoppable , prior to his contract. Pollard will look good prior to his new contract. But once Pollard gets his new deal, will he pull a Elliot, and start relaxing? Or will he continue to be a great RB? Bottom line, u have many athletes that purposely slack after they get paid. I saw the same when my Bears signed RObert QUinn. Robert Quinn started balling out once his guaranteed money was paid in full….and he was in a positionn where he could be cut, and lose money.

  8. The Cowboys finally found an excuse to play Pollard instead of Zeke. Pollard is the better back. He’s faster and more elusive than Zeke.

  9. So Zeke flakes out, doesnt show, pouts for a new contract until Cowboys foolishly cave in. Since then, he’s done nothing. That stupid feed me gesture shows how clueless and selfish he is. Cut/trade.


  10. Ets be honest, there’s Derrick Henry, then everybody else so far in the rear view they can’t be seen. That being said this guy does nothing but hurt the Cowboys. Pollard looks for hikes and gets through them quickly. Zeke thinks he’s a man when he tries to bowl over a 160# cornerback and take the 2 yard run.

  11. I’m not going to copy/paste the comment but somebody had the audacity to try comparing this to a team and player from the NFC North (LMAO!). And, wait for it, insult FF players while claiming to understand the financial mindset of all NFL players

    Ok, I’ll bite:

    If that North team had the intent of building a franchise around said player (Robert Quinn) I’m sure that’s news to them too. They already Urlacher and Briggs and Peppers, and Tillman….

    As far Elliot is concerned he’s lost a step, not his heart. Considering he’s got 60 more carries but only 189 more yards than Pollard..hmm maybe 2 steps? That means his ypc is lower too, just sayin, if math is a challenge..But I digress. Just my FF side lashing out.

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