Report: Trysten Hill won’t be suspended for punching John Simpson

NFL: OCT 11 Giants at Cowboys
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Penalty flags flooded the field at AT&T Stadium during Thursday’s Raiders win over the Cowboys and the rule violations didn’t end at the final whistle.

While Raiders players were celebrating the win by digging into some turkey, cameras roamed the field filming interactions between players from both teams. One of those interactions turned violent when Cowboys defensive Trysten Hill punched Raiders guard John Simpson in the head.

The punch knocked Simpson’s helmet off his head and players quickly moved in to keep things from escalating any further.

Ian Rapoport of NFL Media reports that Hill won’t be suspended for the punch, but that his actions will be evaluated for a fine. It seems likely that evaluation will wind up with one being issued by the league in the near future.

11 responses to “Report: Trysten Hill won’t be suspended for punching John Simpson

  1. Oh cool. It’s good to know you can punch an opponent in the face after the game and there’s no suspension warranted.

  2. The real justice would be if he broke his hand while punching someone wearing a very hard helmet.

  3. Will Heyward for punching Herbert?

    What is the matter with Goodell? Throwing punches deserves a 1 game suspension.

  4. Roger probably had money on Dallas.

    How much does he get paid to be inept?

    Makes Tagliabue look like Einstein.

  5. The NFL always tries to minimize hits on the field by saying “it’s a football action” and that’s why punches are always the one thing that’s ejectable on the field. But now they’re saying there are no serious consequences to sucker punches on the field after the game? Like what? Are they braindead or is just some homecooking for Jerry? So punch on field during the game=ejection and loss of game check and potential suspension, punch on field after game with video= shrug maybe a fine.

  6. He hit someone after the game like a cowardly punk. Big deal! Now if his socks weren’t up to snuff, the NFL would have shown some real justice!

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