Kevin Stefanski: Baker Mayfield looks good, feels the best he has felt

NFL: NOV 21 Lions at Browns
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Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield is getting better heading into a visit to Baltimore on Sunday Night Football.

Cleveland head coach Kevin Stefanski said after Friday’s practice that Mayfield looks and feels better than he has since the injuries he’s been struggling with since Week Six.

“Looked good. I think he said he is feeling the best he has felt. He is throwing the ball well. I think he looked good,” Stefanski said.

Stefanski said Mayfield is healthy enough that he can run the ball effectively and use his mobility to avoid pressure.

The 6-5 Browns’ season could still go either way. Stefanski thinks his quarterback is trending in the right direction.

18 responses to “Kevin Stefanski: Baker Mayfield looks good, feels the best he has felt

  1. Just shut him down. Between cincy, Vegas, and the pats picking up steam Cleveland is done for. No point in wrecking Bakies body further

  2. Good to know the duct tape and baling wire is holding together. Guys one hit away from being back to a seriously reduced and injured QB. If he still isn’t frankly

  3. Browns are a 9 or 10 win team with Mayfield & a healthy Chubb. They have hitched their wagon to him. Does Cleveland really have an option NOT to sign him to a new deal?

  4. One day he’s the most banged up he’s ever been. The next he’s the best he’s felt. Stop with these over the top pronouncements and go throw some touchdowns.

  5. Baker feeling better sure helps. The Ravens game will be the biggest test this season. Time for complementary football to be played by the Browns for a full 60 minutes.

  6. Mayfield always looks like the trash QB he is. Baltimore will give him the same results he had vs Patriots 11-21 for 73 yards. Bottom line he isnt a quality NFL starting QB. Im not even sure he is a quality NFL back up. He was a 5th round talent taken at #1 overall but one of the most dysfunctional, incompetent franchises in Pro Sports History

  7. The other reason the Browns have a horrible record is their clueless play calling by Kevin Stefanski. He insists on throwing an awful QB instead of giving the ball to his elite NFL running back. He should be fired from play calling if not his job. And the only reason the Browns made the playoffs last year is they had a cupcake schedule by NFL standards, Mike Tomlin resting his starters in the last game of the season and the Browns still only barely squeaked by Steeler backups, then the NFL blatantly fixed the game vs the Steelers in the Playoffs

  8. If they bench Mayfield he will throw a tantrum and never play again for the Browns.They may as well run him like a car without oil and he’ll either get them there or seize up and blow the engine.

  9. What’s the Browns record again? What was the score vs the Patriots? Oh yeah 45-7. Guess what Browns fan you have the Raiders coming up. They will beat you scrubs by 2 TDs

  10. As good as he can feel woth a surgery-requiring shoulder injury,a bad knee and and a bad heel. Shut him down and use Case Keenum.

  11. As bad as Mayfield has been playing the defense under Joe Wood is terrible. This is the reason this team isn’t going to make the playoff’s plus Stefanski play calling has been atrocious.

  12. Feel like the Browns are running this guy into the ground. Don’t feel like a new contract is in the works,to be honest.
    “Buying time” by being “mobile” just makes you susceptible to huge hits that ruin a season

  13. Can we finally agree that Joe Woods and his “new” defense SUCK and replace it this off-season?
    How about letting Madden 22 call your offense?
    Jimmy & Dee, can we pls draft/sign a REAL QB sometime? Jimmy with his Johnny Football and Dorsey with “the greatest walk-on ever,” Mayfield. SMH! Chubb is going to waste.

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