Kyzir White not fined for hit on Najee Harris in Sunday Night Football


Chargers linebacker Kyzir White was not fined for a brutal hit he delivered to the head of Steelers running back Najee Harris on Sunday night.

White’s hit was legal, which has led to a call for a rules change.

The hit did not fall under any of the 11 categories of “defenseless player,” and non-defenseless players can be struck in the head or neck area.

White delivered a forearm to the face, not a helmet to the helmet, and the back of Harris’ helmet bounced off the turf.

White was not penalized.

Harris was forced to leave the game for a concussion check.

“I ain’t trying to speak on that too much,” Harris said this week, via Matthew Marczi of “They just took me in for concussion protocol, and I passed. That’s all I want to really talk about it.”