Odell Beckham Jr. “may get a few more snaps” in his second game with the Rams

Los Angeles Rams v San Francisco 49ers
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New Rams receiver Odell Beckham Jr. got 15 snaps in his debut two weeks ago. So what will happen on Sunday at Green Bay?

“I may get a few more snaps,” Beckham told reporters on Friday.

Beckham said he spent the bye week going over the playbook and working on his overall health and condition.

“I’ve definitely felt that I haven’t been in that flow that I would have normally stayed in with a regular schedule,” Beckham said. “So just trying to get back into that, find my way back to where I know I could be.”

Above all else, he hopes to conclude what has been an unusual month on a high note.

“It’s just been a rough month for me, and usually every November, my birthday is on the fifth, it’s always my greatest month,” Beckham said. “It just always, always is. And it just hasn’t been for the last couple of years, continued right to this year. So just got to find a way to turn it around and focus on what I need to do and find a way to get a win.”

He wouldn’t say much about his role in helping the team get a win, although both Beckham and coach Sean McVay acknowledged that Beckham may return punts.

“I haven’t gotten to catch many passes, so I’m not giving away any hints on anything that’s going on,” Beckham said. “But I definitely think that there’s opportunities, like I said, to make plays. We’re still kids when we get out here, this has always been a dream. So, find a way to make sure you’re prepared first and foremost, be where you need to be, and make the play when it comes your way.”

Beckham also praised quarterback Matthew Stafford before boiling the situation down to a very basic proposition. “You run the route, be where you need to be, he’s going to make the throw and that’s all that really matters,” Beckham said.

It sounds simple. In Beckham’s debut, it wasn’t. On Sunday at Lambeau Field, we’ll see whether it gets any easier for him.

26 responses to “Odell Beckham Jr. “may get a few more snaps” in his second game with the Rams

  1. So from the statements it’s all about him? Just adding in the word team makes me laugh. Ok kid go play a man’s game. A team game and make it about you. God I feel bad for the Rams.

  2. Lol, did he really say this? Too funny. You’re a funny guy, Ordeal.

    “You run the route, be where you need to be, he’s going to make the throw and that’s all that really matters,” Beckham said.

    Ha! Run the route! Be where you need to be! Bahaha

  3. He couldn’t play any snaps and he’ll still get blamed for the loss tomorrow. How is Baker looking without OBJ?

  4. Oh please, fool me once…….. They will put Odell on Stokes all day and he will resurrect his career and have a love fest with the team after the win.
    Packers will be lucky to hold on and make the playoffs with that pass defense of theirs. Vikes win pack lose and there two games difference with one more game in december.
    Teams are going to pass pass pass against the Pack.

  5. Imapayne, you realize we have a top 10 defense right? Sure our secondary would be better with JA back but you really don’t seem to know what you’re talking about.

  6. Most Football positions and Basketball are tough for mid season trades due to the Playbook issue. That said OBJ should be more productive this game

  7. Never has one player got so much from a great one-handed catch over 10 years ago. Please stop giving him a forum until he’s relevant.

  8. Rams should romp tomorrow over the Packers pass defense. Stokes has now proven after 10 games and pre season that he cannot cover one on one. Just lacks the smarts to get it. King is always hurt and picks the games he wants to miss. The rest of the defenders are just running around like chickens with their heads cut off.

  9. I can’t help but wonder how OBJ would handle it if Baker Mayfield’s dad put together a highlight reel of the 3rd down passes that OBJ has dropped? He’s correct that Baker has missed him sometimes when he’s open, but he’s also dropped quite a few passes in critical situations.

  10. As a Giants fan I’ve always said we should take OBJ back when he matures and gets his head straight, I guess we’re not there yet!

  11. “It sounds simple. In Beckham’s debut, it wasn’t”

    Being honest, I didn’t expect the 49ers defense to come out as strong as they did. Figured Beckham would have some yards even with the limited chemistry.

  12. November is usually my favorite month because my birthday is on the fifth? What is he 12? This guy is incredibly unlikable and very overrated.

  13. He doesn’t care if the team he plays for wins or loses. As long as HE gets his. That is and always been the issue with OBJ.

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