Titans put A.J. Brown on injured reserve

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The Titans’ injured reserve list is getting crowded.

Tennessee wide receiver A.J. Brown is the latest player to go on injured reserve, meaning he’s out for at least three weeks. He joins Julio Jones and Derrick Henry, among others, as Titans players currently on IR.

Brown leads the Titans with 46 catches for 615 yards and three touchdowns. But he suffered a chest injury and needs time to heal. His loss is a big one.

The Titans also activated running back Khari Blasingame from injured reserve and promoted receiver Cody Hollister and defensive end Kevin Strong from the practice squad to the active roster for tomorrow’s game against the Patriots.

The newly arrived receiver Golden Tate was not elevated to the active roster, so he won’t play against the Patriots.

8 responses to “Titans put A.J. Brown on injured reserve

  1. Titans offense much weakened.

    The one worry I have about the game is that Vrabel and some of his coaches are former Pats players or staffers. The last time these teams played Vrabel put together a great game plan and used Belichicks own tactics against him to great success.

  2. Goodel pushed for 17 games and here we are, not even December and half the quality players in the league are on either on IR or rehabbing torn ACLs.

  3. “Goodel pushed for 17 games ”

    All injuries that occur BEFORE week 17, would have happened anyway. If there are a ton of injuries in week 18 (the 17th game), then you can complain.

  4. bsandersupthesidelinecutsbackinside says:
    November 27, 2021 at 2:01 pm
    Goodel pushed for 17 games and here we are, not even December and half the quality players in the league are on either on IR or rehabbing torn ACLs.

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    What does Week 12 have to do with Week 16 or a 17?

    Here’s a hint: Don’t build a top heavy roster and/or overuse 2-3 players almost exclusively. Build a full roster.

    Have a nice day.

  5. The Patriots are built to overpower teams with huge physicality these days. I don’t see Vrabel being able to scheme his way to victory in this one, as hobbled as the Titans are.

  6. So many things lining up almost perfectly for the Patriots, it’s almost unbelievable. Browns were banged up. Falcons were banged up. Carolina was a mess with Darnold. Now Tennessee is looking pretty bad on offense. Bills lost White and are playing down for their own standards. Indy is kind of weird on offense. In a year where nobody really thought the Patriots were in play to even make the playoffs (given the first 6 weeks of the season) they are looking to be in position to even get the number 1 seed, if they want it. It’s literally theirs for the taking, assuming Baltimore gets tripped up along the way. You can’t control who you play or who in on the roster when you do play, but the pats have done a decent job with not spreading their offense or defense too thin by relying heavily on a handful of guys. Would be shocked if Bill doesn’t win coach of the year, given what he’s been able to do with this roster.

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