Boston Scott TD pulls Eagles within 10-7

Philadelphia Eagles v New York Giants
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The Eagles didn’t score for the first three quarters of Sunday’s game against the Giants, but they’re very much alive in the fourth quarter.

Boston Scott opened the final 15 minutes of regulation with a one-yard touchdown run that cut the Giants’ lead to 10-7. Scott followed center Jason Kelce, who returned after a first half knee injury, into the end zone for the score.

The Eagles opened their drive with an incomplete pass and then ran nine times for 66 yards. Not all of the runs were designed, but Jalen Hurts, Miles Sanders, and Scott all found a lot of running room. The Eagles are now up to 175 rushing yards and are following the script that’s led to recent wins.

It took a while to get there, but a stop against the Giants will allow them to keep running the ball until the Giants show they can stop it.

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  1. The Eagles need to get rid of half of the defense and they need a number2 veteran wide receiver in free agency. If Howie would have drafted Metcalf and Jefferson they’d have a great wide receiver corp.

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