Cam Newton will use bye week to “really dive” into Panthers offense

Carolina Panthers v Miami Dolphins
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Cam Newton contributed two touchdowns to a win over the Cardinals in his first game back with the Panthers and he played pretty well in a losing effort against Washington his first start of this run in Carolina, but things went haywire against the Dolphins on Sunday.

Newton was 5-of-21 for 92 yards and two interceptions in a 33-10 loss that sends the Panthers into the bye week with a 5-7 record. Head coach Matt Rhule said after the loss that Newton will remain the starter when the team returns to action against the Falcons and Newton said that he’s going to use the time to get a fuller grasp of an offense he’s been in for three weeks.

“I would take this time to really dive into the whole offense,” Newton said, via Darin Gantt of the team’s website. “I think today it really got exposed because of the situation, and not having a full grasp. But it’s not nobody to blame more so than just the situation that I came into. So having this week to kind of self-scout, so to speak, and really dive into the root of what this offense is about and that’s what I plan on doing.”

The Panthers are one of a number of NFC teams with five wins and eyes on nabbing one of the conference’s final Wild Card spots. They’ll need Newton to be much better than he was on Sunday in order to remain in that mix much longer.

23 responses to “Cam Newton will use bye week to “really dive” into Panthers offense

  1. Dive in all you want, makes no difference. Cam is welcomed back by the NFL defense, he’s got some arm but everyone knows that offense runs through McCaffrey and if he’s out for any amount of time cam, and whoever else is back there will be having a very tough time. No offense to cam, and dj is a heck of a wr, but that’s not their game

  2. Just want to add that cam is a great player, he’s in a tough spot. Not a fan of Carolina but they should be throwing a ton of screens an short stuff to help cam add on some confidence. That’s what they did well against the Washington football team. Should be easy for Joe Brady to see… but who knows

  3. “But it’s not nobody to blame more so than just the situation that I came into.”

    There is a certain logic to his statement, no matter how far removed from English it is.

  4. K says:
    . . . they should be throwing a ton of screens an short stuff to help cam add on some confidence.

    Sure, because self-confidence is the one thing missing from Cam Newton’s repertoire.
    I’d say accuracy, humility, and the ability to read defenses or go all the way through his progressions are all things Cam lacks on one level or another.
    Confidence, not so much – misplaced as it is.

  5. Cam has more excuses for poor play than any other qb ever. Just wish he would own his mistakes

  6. Everyone’s getting fired including whoever thought giving Cam a 20 mill contract to finish the year was a good idea.

  7. I’d rather have Darnold with a healthy McCaffrey. No McCaffrey – use Cam as he can still provide some semblance of a running game.

  8. Saw a bunch of 8-22 for 96 yards with two picks efforts last year in New England. Sounds like Cam is fitting in about right.

  9. Let’s check the stat sheet… 5 for 21, two INTs, and benched in the 4th quarter. Sounds like a typical day for sCam Newton. It really sounds like the Panthers are wanting to tank this season for some higher draft picks next year. Hence, keeping Newton as their QB1 after that abysmal showing today.

  10. Hmm 5 of 21….thinking that if it really happened eating cereal 3 weeks ago was not motivation enough.

  11. Cam almost looks in pain when he heaves that ball… no wonder his accuracy (which was never really pin point anyway) seems worse than it ever was. Its sad when you near the end of your career and things break down…..

  12. Damn Cam your “I’m baaaack” comment didn’t age very well did it? I dont think diving back into the playbook is going to help improve your declining skill set

  13. Pats could have him sitting on bench so he could earn the maximum $3.4m. But BB cut him and “gifted” him that $3.4m. And he (and his father) complained he was not given a chance to be the backup for the Pats.
    In come the Panthers, bidding against ghosts, to pay him $10m for half of the season.
    Cam should ask his father (a self-appointed Bishop) for permission to send BB a Christmas card.

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