Cam Newton’s touchdown run answers Dolphins blocked punt for touchdown

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The Dolphins challenged an incomplete pass ruling on the Panthers’ first possession. DJ Moore, though, never had possession with a football move before losing control of the ball.

The Dolphins lost a timeout.

But the Dolphins held the Panthers twice more, forcing a punt.

Lachlan Edwards never had a chance punting from the end zone as Duke Riley was there as Edwards tried to kick the ball. Justin Coleman caught it at the 2 and got a push into the end zone for the first touchdown of the game.

It was the first time Panthers have had a punt blocked since 2014.

The Panthers answered with a 1-yard run by Cam Newton on third down. It was Newton’s 73rd career touchdown run.

Newton set up the touchdown run with a third-down throw to Moore for 64 yards to the Miami 7 before Byron Jones made the tackle.

The teams are knotted 7-7.