Devonta Smith asked Nick Sirianni for ball late in game, never got it

Philadelphia Eagles v New York Giants
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After Eagles wide receiver Jalen Reagor failed to catch the second of two passes to him near the end zone at the fourth quarter, his teammate DeVonta Smith could be seen throwing his helmet in anger on the sideline.

At his postgame press conference, Eagles head coach Nick Sirianni said that Smith came to him before the final play and asked for the ball. Replays of that play showed Smith was open, but Jalen Hurts didn’t look his way and the Giants escaped with a 13-7 win.

“He wants the ball in a critical situation . . . I love the fact that he wants the ball in crunch time and wants it on his shoulder when the game’s on the line,” Sirianni said of Smith, via Zach Berman of

Smith was targeted four times all game — Reagor got seven looks — and caught two passes for 22 yards. We’ll see if the team finds more ways to get him the ball against the Jets next weekend.

10 responses to “Devonta Smith asked Nick Sirianni for ball late in game, never got it

  1. Tick Tock, Philly.

    Don’t look now but THE TEAM is on the rise.
    Our players RESPECT. Coach Ron Too much to “demand” the back and “slam helmets”

  2. Coach is being ‘forced’ to work in Reagor cos he’s a top draft MISTAKE by the front office… instead of Justin Jefferson! Eagles just not ready for prime time. They coulda moved 1 game behind Dallas, but could only score 7 points. The last throw goes thru Reagor’s hands. D. Smith goes up & grabs the ball. He is proven. Bad play calling. Shaky first half by Hurts. THIS AGAINST A TEAM with 3 wins.

  3. LOL at any fan of WFT trying to talk smack.
    Decades of incompetence and irrelevance.
    16 years since a playoff win, 32 years since a Super Bowl win.
    That is all

  4. Sirriani is not to blame for Hurts throwing to an open Raegor. Hurts is not to blame for making the right read. Raegor is to blame for dropping a well thrown ball and he does not belong in the NFL. Smith is right for wanting the ball, but Hurts is not a guy who can stare down one receiver and make the perfect throw. He can only go through his progressions and hit the first open option, which he did, and did well.

  5. DeVonta Smith is a joke;

    skinny, slow, a threat to no one, which was proven by how many times Hurts had to pull it down to his backs or else run it himself;

    Hurts may not be an NFL-calibre quarterback, but Smith and the rest of the receivers did him no favours;

  6. banksville says:
    November 28, 2021 at 6:37 pm
    Coach is being ‘forced’ to work in Reagor cos he’s a top draft MISTAKE by the front office… instead of Justin Jefferson!


    The Reagor pick was terrible, but you guys talk about the Eagles’ front office like it’s manned by a bunch of cartoon villains.

    The reason Hurts kept going to Reagor is not because Howie and Jeff were on the bat phone to Sirianni telling him he must feed Reagor the ball.

    It’s because for at least the first three quarters, the Giants D basically took Smith and Goedert out of the game, and Hurts stopped looking Smith’s way. Hurts has all the intangibles and most of the physical tools, but reading a defense has never been Hurts’s strong suit. Once he got it in his head that Devonta was pulling coverage, he started looking elsewhere for completions. Not a terrible idea in theory, but it was a terrible idea in practice. On the last play, Devonta was open, and by then, it had. become more than obvious by then that Reagor wasn’t catching a cold let alone a football.

    But please stop with the conspiracy theories about Howie and Jeff calling the plays.

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