Down 30-10, P.J. Walker replaces Cam Newton

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With the Panthers down 30-10, Cam Newton will finish the game on the bench.

PJ Walker entered the game with 10:58 remaining, replacing Newton.

It was a miserable day for Newton. He completed 5 of 21 passes for 92 yards and two interceptions.

His 5.8 passer rating is by far the lowest of his career.

He did run for a touchdown but finishes with 5 yards on three carries.

Running back Christian McCaffrey rolled his ankle in the first half and has spent most of the second half on the sideline.

Walker threw an interception on his second attempt.

12 responses to “Down 30-10, P.J. Walker replaces Cam Newton

  1. And the Panthers’ season continues to swirl down the toilet. Cam’s back, that’s for sure. .

  2. Can folks finally admit the genius of Belichick? He managed to win 7 games with Cam who looks to be done and a depleted roster? He was coach of the year last season.

  3. PJ walker was IMMEDIATELY sacked twice and then threw an interception as the pocket collapsed again and he had happy feet. It’s safe to say that the Panther’s problems go beyond Cam Newton, Sam Darnold seeing ghosts again, and the defense being bad.

    Matt Rhule is not surviving this year.

  4. lol @ cam newton

    got his 1 weak game of face time for the ego

    carolina are morons for signing him

  5. “His 5.8 passer rating is by far the lowest of his career.”

    A 5.8 sounds like a score you might get from a Russian judge in figure-skating, not a quarterback rating from a guy who certain people love to remind us once won the MVP Award (albeit in the Mesozoic Era).

  6. Cam’s 5.8 passer rating did beat Mac Jones.

    Mac Jones’ unweighted GPA in college (BA and MA) was 4.0 , straight A. Weighted average GPA might be around 5.2

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