Elijah Mitchell, Deebo Samuel lead 49ers to 34-26 win over Vikings

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Sunday was a disaster for the Vikings. They lost star running back Dalvin Cook, who was carted off with a shoulder injury; quarterback Kirk Cousins lined up under right guard before a crucial fourth-down play on the goal line, forcing the Vikings to take a timeout before an incompletion; and they lost to a team they are competing with for a playoff berth.

The 49ers beat the Vikings 34-26, coming back from a 14-7 deficit late in the second quarter. San Francisco scored 20 points in the second half to move to 6-5 on the season, while the Vikings fell to 5-6.

The Vikings got as close as the San Francisco 38 before running out of downs with 45 seconds left. Cousins finished 20 of 32 for 238 yards with two touchdowns and an interception, with Adam Thielen catching five passes for 62 yards and two touchdowns.

The 49ers rushed for 208 yards and threw for 215. Deebo Samuel starred for San Francisco until leaving in the second half with a groin injury. He had six carries for 66 yards and two touchdowns and caught a pass for 12 yards.

Elijah Mitchell had his fourth 100-yard game, rushing for 133 yards and a touchdown on 27 carries.

It took pressure off quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo, who went 17-of-26 for 230 yards with a touchdown and an interception. Brandon Aiyuk caught three passes for 91 yards.

Robbie Gould kicked third-quarter field goals of 46 and 22 yards but missed a 42-yarder wide right in the fourth quarter as the 49ers had a chance to go up two scores late.

The 49ers had scoring drives of 2 and 5 yards following the Vikings’ two turnovers. Cousins’ interception gifted San Francisco a touchdown, and Cooks’ fumble on his final carry of the day gave the 49ers a field goal.

37 responses to “Elijah Mitchell, Deebo Samuel lead 49ers to 34-26 win over Vikings

  1. Well you know what you’re going to get when the Vikings are playing this season, you’ll still be watching till the last minute. Well played to the 49ers, both teams should be good enough to make the play-offs. Hope all the injuries aren’t too serious.

  2. You forgot the zebras in the headline. Even Jonathan Vilma saw the obvious pass interference on the final 3rd down. That was really bad. When can the challenge flag be thrown for the part time job ref incompetence?

  3. Don’t look now, but the Bears in your rearview mirror are closer than they appear. 🤣

  4. As long as attacking down the field with the passing game isn’t necessary, SF is capable of beating any team. Deebo’s health is critical right now.

  5. I was told Minnesota would control their own destiny after victory and Packers loss.

    Hopefully reality gets in touch with destiny and updates her on events.

  6. Hard fought match. Minnesota should be proud of their resilience in a game that easily could have been a blow out. The momentum shifts were crazy!

    As for the Niners here’s to a speedy recovery for Deebo and Warner. The turnaround of this team the last three games in encouraging but as always Faithful, temper your expectations and enjoy the ride.

    GO NINERS!!!!!

  7. Vikings=Pretender. It’s OK, you’re not that hurt. You play the Lions & Steelers the next 2 weeks. Time to hand Cousins an extension lol

  8. Watching a scared Garoppolo hand off all game, just like the divisional game in 2019, shows Zimmer knows zero about defense.
    Reminded me of Bud Grant getting steamrolled with no adjustments.
    And four years of watching Cousins fold is getting old.

  9. George George you line up over there …. as fans of a certain age will get what I’m saying as lordy could you imagine some writer doing this in the modern day ???

  10. Funny how niner fans have one thing the packer fans don’t. C-L-A-S-S but they are the one half of that word.

  11. Hey Paul Allen — Looks like the Vikes are going to be losing the rest of theres games…hahahahaha

  12. I like quarterbacks that know who’s snapping them the ball. 😉

  13. flosnake says:
    November 28, 2021 at 8:04 pm

    Funny how niner fans have one thing the packer fans don’t. C-L-A-S-S but they are the one half of that word.


    Funny how you couldn’t take a moment to congratulate the 49er fans. Not classy. Half of 6 is 3.

  14. flosnake says:
    November 28, 2021 at 8:04 pm
    Funny how niner fans have one thing the packer fans don’t. C-L-A-S-S but they are the one half of that word.


    Why you salty at Packer fans? The Packers slipped up and allowed you and your Vikings your yearly week of mediocrity. Those big bully 49ers came and took it away from you. You should be salty with them, if anyone.

  15. So many Packer fans in a topic of a team they have only won 4 out of the last 12 matchups against. You guys won your game today, you’d think you’d concentrate on your own squad. More of you are happy about a Vikings loss then your own team winning today.

    Must be sour about losing the axe.

    Great game out of the ‘9ers today. Hope Deebo is okay, he is an absolute beast out of the backfield. Would love to see a rematch in the playoffs, if the Vikes can make it.

  16. With the stats kirk has, why isn’t he in the MVP race? because when the chips are down and you need him, you get that 4th down play to end the game. That’s why.

  17. Let done was to be expected after there Superbowl win.. Now they start preparing for there off season championship

  18. Captain clutch Cousins lining up under the guard with the game on the line at 4th and goal. Poor Vikings with the super bowl hangover.

  19. With the stats kirk has, why isn’t he in the MVP race?
    The MVP race doesn’t include players from sub.500 teams.

  20. Superbowl hangover?
    after they won the big game last week…they are mailing it in the rest of the season

    and yes I am bitter about the axe…..

  21. D Basa says:
    November 28, 2021 at 7:47 pm
    10,000 lakes.
    1 sinking ship.
    10,000 lakes
    0 Championships

  22. Said the offense needed to score more than last week to overcome the D-line issues – they didn’t and they lost. The 49ers had a smart offensive game plan. Lots of gloating cheesers on this article – not sure if it’s cause the Gophers crushed the Badgers or because my favorite team of “pretenders” hasn’t lost to the Pack for over 14 months.

  23. Doesn’t take a genius to see you guys are obsessed and this place is infested with packer fans is why. Surprised so much nastiness can come out of the Midwest..

  24. I told you so Vikings fans. You were all giddy after your Vikings beat a depleted Packers team in your building last week. I told you they’d come right back and lose to the Niners this weekend.
    Face it, Vikings fans — you are not winning anything with this team or that head coach.
    Meanwhile, the Packers — whom you said were buried last week — beat the Rams and are now 9 and 3.

  25. Vikings fans crack me up. Please don’t ever change. You are a source of great joy to me and my fellow Packers fans.

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