George Kittle on Mike Zimmer’s holding complaints: Tell your guys to make better plays

Minnesota Vikings v San Francisco 49ers
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Vikings head coach Mike Zimmer was asked about his team’s issues stopping the run after Sunday’s loss to the 49ers and Zimmer pointed to officiating as a factor in why the Niners were so effective.

Zimmer said “these guys hold all the time” and were “grabbing us around the waist, grabbing our backs” throughout the game. Zimmer said officials don’t want to throw flags every play — Zimmer apparently missed the Raiders-Cowboys game on Thanksgiving — but that the 49ers aren’t going to stop doing it until they do.

49ers tight end George Kittle was told about Zimmer’s comments after the game and said that the Vikings coach should focus more on how his team is playing than the officiating.

“I think if you’re running your feet and your hands inside just because a guy spins and flails his arms, it’s not holding,” Kittle said, via “He’s just flopping. You can watch plenty of pass plays; I felt I got a holding call out there on a pass route. I got hugged and tackled. I think there were like three of those out there that don’t get called. It’s football, you know? Refs throw flags, refs don’t throw flags. It’s just the game. If you’re going to sit on the sideline and complain about holding the whole time, I’d tell your guys to make better plays.”

The 49ers rolled up 208 rushing yards and Zimmer will have to get the Vikings to do a better job regardless of how the officiating shakes out in Detroit next weekend.

19 responses to “George Kittle on Mike Zimmer’s holding complaints: Tell your guys to make better plays

  1. Kittle is right. Although they shouldn’t have needed to hold with all 4 Vikings D-line starters out. The 49ers completely deserved the win, but if they think that win is some kind of statement against that D-line, they’re deluded.

  2. Zimmer got his hotseat cooled off considerably with their mid-season SuperBowl victory last week, but it’s warmed up considerably. If they lose to Detroit next week (and the Lions are overdue,) it’ll be red-hot.

  3. And here I am thinking it was only the Vikings fans who blame losses on the ref’s… looks like the fish rots from the head.

  4. Yea holding calls. what about “FAKE INJURIES” that don’t get called? CAN you can HONESTLY tell me that
    DEDE didn’t fake that injury “right after COOKS” ,and watch him prance around on the sidelines afterwords.
    Kinda looked like a “WHAT ABOUT ME SCENE” in front of his home crowd.

  5. There were a ton of holds out there, it was crazy, but there’s holding on every play they say. I think the 208 had more to do with Tomlinson missing a crucial game because he’s afraid of needles.

  6. They held Bosa practically every play and he wasn’t sniveling. Take a lesson from a player Zim

  7. I don’t think the referees are perfect and I don’t think they changed the game in this case. Vikings had some play calling fails when they got into the redzone (in the 4th Q in particular) and some errant throws. Giving up 20 points in the 3rd quarter isn’t a good idea either.

  8. The same Mike Zimmer who spends more time than any other coach telling officials what they should be looking to call for upcoming Viking games.

  9. Am I the only one that thinks Zimmer may be the worst D-Coordinator (let alone Head Coach) in the game today and yet he continues to call the plays. 28th in the league coming in; likely worse now. It’s embarrassing.

  10. Cousins lined up behind the GUARD on a 4th and goal? Talk about not having your head in the game!

  11. It’s telling that Packers fans are the main ones defending the refs. The Packers have benefited from biased, blown and missed calls more than any other team in the league.

  12. I think the holding is there, and it’s most disruptive to the teams that depend on precision passing and route running. In those cases, it’s sometimes the holds before the throw that are the most devastating.

    Case in point: The Tampa Bay Buccaneers. At least two of Brady’s interceptions this year are from plays where the receiver didn’t get to the right spot in time because he was held. Last year in the NFC Championship, one such hold (a flagrant one) was called in the last two minutes. Had it not been, the outcome might have been different. Similarly, in the Super Bowl, the officials were calling defensive backfield holding that had gotten pretty flagrant on the part of KC. KC’s whine was “Let ’em play!”

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