Giants force late fumble, hold off Eagles for 13-7 win

Philadelphia Eagles v New York Giants
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Eagles running back Boston Scott has had a lot of success against the Giants in recent meetings, but he wound up on the wrong side of one of the biggest plays of the game in the fourth quarter.

Giants defensive lineman Dexter Lawrence knocked the ball out Scott’s hands as he ran inside the Giants’ 40-yard-line and safety Julian Love recovered the ball with just over a minute left to play in the game. The Eagles forced a punt after three plays and using their three timeouts, which set up a final drive that took them inside the Giants’ 30-yard-line.

It looked like Jalen Hurts might hit Jalen Reagor for a game-winning touchdown, but Reagor dropped the pass and two more incompletions put the finishing touches on a 13-7 Giants win

The Scott fumble was the fourth turnover of the day for the Eagles and their inability to protect the ball loomed as a major reason for their first loss since Week Nine. The first three were Jalen Hurts interceptions and two of them took place inside the Giants’ five-yard-line to kill scoring opportunities in the first half. The third came just after halftime on a deep throw into double coverage.

Hurts was 14-of-31 for 129 yards overall as the Giants did a good job of keeping the Eagles from making plays through the air. The Eagles remained effective running the ball and went over 200 yards for the fourth time in five games, but they were a little late in focusing their offensive attention to that phase of the game.

The Giants didn’t have much going on the ground, but Daniel Jones was 19-of-30 for 202 yards and a touchdown with Freddie Kitchens calling the offensive plays in the wake of Jason Garrett’s firing. Most significantly, the Giants didn’t turn the ball over and that allowed them to take full advantage of the mistakes on the other side of the ball.

The win leaves the Giants at 4-7 with a trip to Miami on deck for next weekend. The Eagles will be back at MetLife for a matchup with the Jets and the 5-7 club will need to win that to enjoy any serious hopes of a playoff run this season.

20 responses to “Giants force late fumble, hold off Eagles for 13-7 win

  1. Believe it or not the Eagles won the Super Bowl not that long ago. Most people forget about that.

  2. Raegor is another WR bust for the Eagles. Had the uncontested catch at the goal line go through his fingers that would’ve won the game or at least be down at the 1/2 yard line. I think he had another TD pass hit him in the hands on a go route earlier that he dropped and was almost intercepted.

    Hurts had a horrible game and i’m not sure why the Eagles decided to revert to their pass first ways in the 1st half. 3rd and goal from the 1 you don’t throw a hail mary, you throw it away and take the chip shot FG.

    Most of the Eagles wounds were self inflicted mistakes.

  3. was this a scrimmage game? preseason? Eagles looked like the were walking around the 1st half..
    why, WHY throw to Reagor?? twice!!!

  4. Reagor….is to *delicate* to play in the NFL…he tiptoes and hears footsteps…Hurts well…how can you stare down EVERY receiver and expect to complete a pass in this league…the reality of them both was on full display today…thanks Howie…Wentz to Jefferson wasnt the answer huh?

  5. Heck of a decision coming up regarding Jones, and he’s not making it easy.Those 2 picks next year could go a long way if he can prove he belongs.

  6. I get the Reagor hate; it’s justified and he shouldn’t be playing in the NFL. However, the reason the Eagles were in that hole to begin with was 3 INTs by the QB, two of which were in the red zone. You can’t win games when the QB is playing that poorly.

  7. Daniel Jones is not the answer, they’ve given him long enough. Reagor needs to walk home.

  8. As I always say after the Eaglettes lose, fly Eagles, fl…..🤣🤣🤣🤣. I can’t do it!

  9. 1st and goal at the 2 yard line. And not once does Coach Sirianni have Hurts line up UNDER CENTER. Instead he keeps Hurts in the shotgun so now the QB is running a “sneak” from the 10 yard line.


  10. Iggles fans where puffing their chest before they lost to one of the worst teams in football ,,,,,,,,lol !

  11. I don’t want to think about the stories that would have been written had the Giants blown this game. With 3 pics? As it is, the 3-and-out at the end required some help that the Philly WR provided to hang onto this win.

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