Giants pick off Jalen Hurts, remain up 3-0 at halftime

Philadelphia Eagles v New York Giants
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If Giants co-owner John Mara gets a warmer reception from fans at Sunday’s halftime ceremony honoring Michael Strahan, he can thank his team’s defense for the crowd’s good mood.

The Giants picked off Jalen Hurts twice, including on the final play of the half when the Eagles were on the Giants’ one-yard-line, and they hold a 3-0 edge thanks to their defense’s efforts. The other interception came at the 5-yard-line in the first quarter, so it has been a tough slog for the Eagles once they get into scoring position.

Boston Scott appeared to score earlier on the final drive of the half, but the 21-yard run was wiped out by a holding penalty on center Nate Herbig. It was the second holding call of the drive on Herbig, who is in because Jason Kelce left with a knee injury.

The Eagles got going on the ground on the final drive, but they’d been less run-heavy than in recent weeks up to that point. Hurts has five carries for 39 yards, but is just 8-of-15 for 73 yards through the air.

The Giants’ offense has looked perkier at times in their first game since offensive coordinator Jason Garrett was fired, but offensive line issues remain and there’s no easy fix on that front. Promising drives have been blown up by missed assignments and penalties as the main issues hamstringing the offense remain in place despite the coaching change.

It’s still been enough to keep them in front through 30 minutes, but more points would be a nice way to ensure cheers throughout the afternoon at MetLife Stadium.

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