Jalen Hurts: Loss is not on Jalen Reagor, it’s on me

Philadelphia Eagles v New York Giants
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The Eagles had a shot to win Sunday’s game against the Giants in the final seconds and quarterback Jalen Hurts looked wide receiver Jalen Reagor‘s way twice near the end zone.

Both passes hit Reagor in the hands, but neither one of them was completed and the Giants were able to survive with a 13-7 home win over their divisional rivals. Reagor called those drops “uncharacteristic” in his postgame press conference, which led to a lot of angry responses from Eagles fans on social media who were pointing the finger of blame at Reagor after the loss.

Hurts didn’t join them. He threw three interceptions during the game and said after the game that teams don’t deserve to win when they turn the ball over like that.

“It’s not on Jalen Reagor. It’s on me,” Hurts said.

Wherever you pin the blame, it’s a painful loss for a team that had won three of four games behind improved defense and a potent running offense. Both of those area remained positives on Sunday, but they couldn’t overcome the other mistakes at MetLife Stadium.

10 responses to “Jalen Hurts: Loss is not on Jalen Reagor, it’s on me

  1. “Vikings fans thank you for drafting Reagor over JJ.”

    Least we could do for humiliating you guys in 2017.
    At least you’re not crying about how rude we are.

  2. Tua, as a freshman, replaced Hurts, a Senior, at Bama…let that sink in. QB FACTORY.

  3. Lining up Hurts in the shotgun on 1st and goal when he’s great at QB sneaks is all on the coaching staff.

  4. Justin Jefferson is nice But he’s not beating back 2 back parties in the Vikings stadium

  5. Jaleen Hurts was exposed – he is the running back in a QB halloween costume I thought him to be. He is so not a passer. This guy is a one trick pony.

  6. Best football trade in the past 10 years:

    Buffalo Bills trade a #1 Pick for the best receiver in the league … Stefon “Diggity” Diggs.

  7. Kudos to Hurts for publicly supporting his receiver. Now I hope he is privately doing the things needed to improve and not have to make that speech again.

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