Mark Davis hasn’t started his search for a new Raiders coach


Raiders owner Mark Davis got a head start when it comes to hiring his next coach. Davis has not yet begun to use it.

Davis hasn’t launched a searching search to fill a job that opened on October 11, reports Jason La Canfora of Davis, per the report, actually has rebuffed inquiries from “many interested parties.”

Davis has delayed the process because he’s focused on getting his team to the playoffs. But, frankly, what does Davis have to actually do? He’s not involved in football operations. It’s a perfect opportunity for him to begin identifying candidates and securing a broad range of background information, narrowing a very large universe to the group that will eventually be pursued.

It’s also possible that Davis may press the reset button, hiring both a new G.M. and a new head coach. That could entail a structure that would entail the G.M. having significant input in the selection of the coach. Maybe, then, the final decision will be influenced by whether the post-Gruden Raiders can get to the playoffs. If so, maybe Mayock stays — and maybe Mayock hires the next coach.

14 responses to “Mark Davis hasn’t started his search for a new Raiders coach

  1. If Mr Davis starts sending out feelers about a new coaching candidate, it’s a bad look for the current coach and how he goes forward, there’s still a ton of football to go. And you better believe if a coaching candidate was talked to everyone on twitter would know. I see no real urgency to seek anything out yet. Let the season play out, who knows, you may already have your head coach.

  2. Just because Mark Davis hasn’t publicly made moves for the future it doesn’t mean wheels aren’t rolling behind the scenes. He might have the future coach on staff already and he’ll announce a new president soon . Which will probably mean Mayock will be sticking around.

  3. He never wanted to fire Gruden. It was PR pressure that made him do it. I bet privately he wants to rehire him. Maybe he’s looking for a way to do that.

  4. No search necessary. We all know damn well who Lloyd Christmas wants to hire as his next HC!! Harry Dunne is the unequivocal and fan favorite to lead the Faders into another decade of commitment to mediocrity…

  5. There are plenty of other overrated underachievers out there who could continue the raiders’ commitment to mediocrity.

  6. I would like to see a Mayock draft without Gruden influence. Hire who you want for coach but give Mayock another year minimum to see what kind of talent he’d like to bring on board.

  7. There’s really no rush. They’ve been playing well and winning. And it costs a lot of money to hire a new coach.

  8. Why would he? Bisaccia can prove he’s the man and had to endure emotional turmoil surrounding the Henry Ruggs saga. The team might look like it has just cleared their heads. If Vegas beats Washington, Indy, Cleveland and the Chargers, Bisaccia has to be considered for the head coaching job if the players truly enjoy playing for him.

  9. Bring in Louis Riddick as GM then let him bring in his coach. Then say bye to Carr. That’s the 1st thing.

  10. Considering the people he’s had in his owner’s box at games, Ron Wolf for one – I’m sure he’s gathering info and figuring out the next steps. Shoot, the Raiders have to re-staff much of their business ops and their football ops in the off-season. I don’t have a problem keeping Mayock around – maybe as a pro personnel person or whatever – but they really need to “de-Gruden” their scouting department, because it’s not good. They’ve really made some bad picks – reaches that did not land – in Gruden-era drafts.

  11. grudens got alot of al davis in him and any long time raider fan knows al was a horrible drafter and poor talent evaluator.

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