Matt Rhule plans to start Cam Newton after Panthers bye

Carolina Panthers v Miami Dolphins
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Panthers head coach Matt Rhule pulled quarterback Cam Newton in Sunday’s 33-10 loss to the Dolphins, but he isn’t planning on making a permanent change at the position.

Rhule told reporters at his post-game press conference that he plans to start Newton in Week 14 at home against the Falcons. The Panthers have a bye this week.

Rhule said he felt P.J. Walker had a better grasp of the team’s two-minute offense with Newton making his third appearance since signing with the team off the street. Rhule also said he thought the Panthers couldn’t protect Newton well enough.

Newton was 5-of-21 for 92 yards and two interceptions before getting the hook, so they’ll likely be hoping that a couple of weeks to focus on getting the offense down will result in a better performance for the quarterback.

21 responses to “Matt Rhule plans to start Cam Newton after Panthers bye

  1. People just can’t accept that it’s over for him as a legit NFL QB.

    He’s a great red zone weapon to run the ball with, but other than that…..

  2. He looked exactly like the QB he was last year which is not a compliment. I believe this Panthers team knows they aren’t making the playoffs so the best they can do is put Newton out there to try and sell some jerseys and put some fans in the stands. The Panthers QB room consists of a former 1st rounder who can complete pass albeit to the other team and a former MVP who can’t complete any passes. This team looked good to start the season but the wheels have completely fallen off.

  3. Only problem with Cam is that his big personality attracts all (emphasis on all) the attention to him. If his team wins, attention is on him, if the team loses, attention is on him.

    However Matt Rhule benching Cam might have sealed his firing as it made it evidently clear that the problems with the team can’t be saved by a QB. PJ Walker came in as relief and was immediately sacked. Then PJ threw an interception as the abysmal offensive line play had him seeing ghosts just from the sidelines, even worse once he was subbed in.

    Both the DL and OL can’t get any type of push. Defense is getting absolutely cooked after the early game win streak, the offensive line is too, Rhule/Brady are being out coached as of lately, and now the players aren’t responding either. Rhule experiment is over.

    He’s gone.

  4. You grasp at straws when you are desperate, but Cam is done. He can’t throw anymore.
    Good guy, but absolutely spent.

    What’s wrong with what’s-his-name. . . ? Darnold? Is he hurt, or just worse than Carolina’s other two QBs?

  5. I guess Matt was watching another game today instead of Dolphins Panthers.
    Someone please tell this head coach it’s no longer 2015 Cam.

  6. His performance today is what you are going to get with Cam. He is washed up and good for a few rushing TDs here and there but his arm is pathetic along with his decision making.

  7. 5 for 21, two Ints, benched in the 4th quarter. Sounds like a typical day for sCam Newton. Guess they’re wanting to tank this season for some higher draft picks next year.

  8. Saints and Panthers doing some jostling to see which team is in the NFC South basement this year!

  9. Rhule is no dummy. He’s hiding his hand so they can buy time to figure when to release him during the bye-week, it will be a “mutual decision”.

    The defense got shredded today because the offense can’t sustain drives. Panthers fans save your thumbs down. The writing was on the wall in last week’s loss to Washington.

  10. People just can’t accept that it’s over for him as a legit NFL QB.

    He’s a great red zone weapon to run the ball with, but other than that…..


    Additionally, Cams’ desire to do his Superman celebration last week in the midst of a tight game which resulted in a loss showed me that he has not matured or changes!…smh!!!

  11. Cam has sucked for years. Ever since he acted like a school girl and ran away from his fumble. Hey Cam since according to you you’re better than some starting QB’s, so can you tell me which one threw less than 23% completion percentage and a pick. You are 100% that you are indeed back to how you’ve always been.

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