Mike Vrabel: We have to get healthy mentally and physically

Tennessee Titans v New England Patriots
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The Titans hung with the Patriots into the third quarter of Sunday’s game, but New England scored the final 20 points to turn a close game into a 36-13 win that pushed them past the Titans in the AFC playoff picture.

It’s the second straight loss for a Titans team that had opened the year with an 8-2 record and made a pair of turnovers that helped fuel the breakdown on Sunday. The team was coming off another sloppy loss to the Texans and they’re missing a lot of key pieces due to injuries, which led to a postgame question for head coach Mike Vrabel about how much the team needs their upcoming bye week.

“I guess that’s where we’re at,” Vrabel said. “We’ve got a bye. We’ve got to get healthy mentally and physically. And get back to playing football how we know how to play it, taking care of the football, playing complementary, knowing the details. A lot of things to improve.”

Vrabel was asked to elaborate on what it meant to get healthy and he said it is “a good time for us all to reset and focus on this football team.” They’ll get a chance to show the results of that effort against the Jaguars in Week 14.

9 responses to “Mike Vrabel: We have to get healthy mentally and physically

  1. Vrabel’s an outstanding coach, imo.

    That team has been hit just a little too hard w/ injuries – even today. Of course they can still contend, but it does reach a sort of critical mass at a certain point, no matter how deep you are.

  2. Here we go…..NE is dinged up as well and without arguably the best in the business at what they do with James White, Jon Jones and Jamie Collins.

    Enough with the “we need excuses to pimp ourselves”.

    Many of Tenn wins earlier thie year came fom injury ravaged teams. That luck has run out and they are in trouble.

    No more dictating games with Henry.

  3. Roster depth always comes into play as the season grinds on. A late bye week helps before the late season push as well. I’ve always hated when my team got a bye too early in the season.

  4. How come so many football fans hate Ryan Tannehill? He’s not the best in the business, or anything, but he seems to get alot more hate than he deserves.

  5. So the lead article in the Pats-Titans game is this one? Maybe NE winning 6 in a row deserves a headline, too?

  6. They are going nowhere without Derrick Henry. He’s the heart of that offense. He’s more valuable than their QB by far.

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