Report: Dave Gettleman unlikely to remain with Giants in 2022

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Giants General Manager Dave Gettleman appears to be on the way out.

Gettleman, who has failed to build a winner in four years with the Giants, is unlikely to return in 2022, according to Ian Rapoport of NFL Network.

The 70-year-old Gettleman may choose to retire, but given his inability to build a winning roster with the Giants, even if he wants to stay it seems unlikely that ownership would want him back.

Head coach Joe Judge, who has had strong support from ownership, appears to be safe for 2022.

The Giants have two first-round draft picks next year (their own and the Bears’ which arrived when Chicago traded up to draft Justin Fields), and making good use of those two picks will be vital to the future of the franchise.

The next G.M. will also have big decisions to make on Gettleman’s biggest draft picks, running back Saquon Barkley and quarterback Daniel Jones. The oft-injured Barkley has a guaranteed $7.2 million salary in 2022, the fifth and final year of his rookie contract, while the Giants will have to decide in the offseason whether to pick up Jones’ fifth-year option, which would keep him under contract through 2023.

The identity of the person making those decisions is unknown. But it probably won’t be Gettleman.

22 responses to “Report: Dave Gettleman unlikely to remain with Giants in 2022

  1. As a huge Eagles fan I’m very sorry to see Gettlman go. It’s mind boggling how bad a job this guy did in drafting players. It’s a shame G men didn’t hang on to Tommy C. All he did was win 2 titles !!

  2. It always surprises me when a team moves on from the gm but keeps the coach. Unless you have a Bill or a Reid leading your staff I think it’s better to move on from both and allow the new gm the ability to bring in the new coach.

  3. If Gettleman hadn’t previously worked for the Giants he never would’ve been hired in the first place. Recycling of people who have previously played or worked for the Giants is the only qualifications you need to get hired these days.

    Same with the Raiders and Gruden. If Davis didn’t have a man crush on Gruden from when he was a kid he never would’ve been hired.

  4. Keep Barkley, but 2022 is his last chance to stay healthy. If he’s hurt again, then he’s a free agent.

    Pick up the 5th on Jones… no good QB in the 2022 draft, and no veteran or top rookie in 2023 will come here with this O-line – that will take years to repair, even if both 2022 1sts are linemen.

  5. On behalf of the rest of the NFC East, we’d like to thank Gettleman for his years of incompetence, allowing everyone else to thrive while holding his team back.

  6. Gettleman has the destruction of two franchises on his resume, Panthers & Giants. He had no business being hired for either job. He drafted WR Kelvin Benjamin and QB Daniel Jones, while firing Steve Smith (Greatest Panther ever).

    He also drafted a RB w/a top pick. He’s always been clueless. He’s always been a joke.

  7. Doesnt matter. Mara will hire yet another person who previously worked for the Giants rather than choose the best possible candidate.

  8. He’s a bad GM, but bad enough to get fired right away.
    Those are the ones who can do a lot of long term damage.

    Hopefully they find a competent one and can rebuild in a few years.
    Unfortunately for them, the 2022 QB class may not be an upgrade over Daniel Jones.

    And the new GM should be allowed to replace Joe Judge after a year if he doesn’t like what he sees. Just do it slowly, so as not to upset Mara.

  9. …and Giants fans everywhere rejoice. I cant say that I blame them. Next to go should be Judge.

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