Report: Low offer from Packers caused OBJ to pick Rams

New York Giants v Green Bay Packers
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As Rams receiver Odell Beckham Jr. prepares to play at Lambeau Field on Sunday for the Rams, Beckham indeed could have been playing in the same game, for the Packers.

Beckham, per prior reports, ultimately chose between L.A. and Green Bay. Adam Schefter of now reports that the Packers never moved their offer above the veteran minimum for the balance of the season, plus incentives. Per Schefter, the Packers “were asked to increase their offer to Beckham on multiple occasions.” When the Packers declined, Beckham chose the Rams.

It could be difficult to harmonize that with the way the plane clumsily landed. After the Rams initially announced that Beckham had agreed to terms, but then deleted the announcement. Thereafter, NFL Media reported that Beckham had narrowed his options to the Rams and Packers. Not long after that, Beckham officially chose the Rams.

As Schefter explains it, Beckham wanted more from the Packers than the Rams offered. “He wasn’t going to take the same, or less money, to go to Green Bay [over Los Angeles],” an unnamed source told Schefter.

When word leaked of the Packers offering Beckham the veteran minimum, some within league circles regarded it as a hollow offer, aimed at creating the impression that the Packers tried to sign him. Aimed at not giving quarterback Aaron Rodgers another reason to gripe about the failure to target and pursue veteran talent. (It worked; Rodgers seemed to be placated by the effort.)

Ultimately, the Rams gave Beckham $1.25 million plus up to $3 million in incentives based on team achievements in the postseason. The base amount equates to $2.5 million per year. The veteran minimum for a player of Beckham’s experience level sits at $1.075 million; this means that the Packers were offering $537,500 plus incentives — far short of the L.A. offer.

Beckham needs to make at least $3 million to break even, based on what he would have received from the Browns in 2021. As part of the revised contract that resulted in his release, he agreed to collect only $4.25 million of the $7.25 million to which he’d be entitled as termination pay.

Although some are saying that Beckham wanted to go to the Rams all along, he changed his mind on several occasions during his first trip to free agency. At one point, he told former Cleveland teammates he planned to sign with the Chiefs, for example. When the dust finally settled, some teams that were in the hunt for Beckham didn’t receive word from Beckham’s camp that they were out.

If/when he becomes a free agent again in March, that could cause some teams that were interested in Beckham this time around to focus their attention elsewhere. When the negotiating window opens two days before the official launch of free agency, teams need to know right away whether a player at a targeted position will accept the offer to join the team. If not, the team moves on to the next option. Teams may not want to wait around for Beckham to make a decision, unless he re-establishes himself in the coming weeks as a player worth waiting around for.

26 responses to “Report: Low offer from Packers caused OBJ to pick Rams

  1. Smart move by the Packers. Beckham has problems everywhere he goes and he hasn’t been anything close to a good WR in several years.

  2. At some point, it will have to be about whether or not OBJ can still play football at a star level. It’s been a long time since that happened.

  3. Yes the Packers offered him a contract to please Aaron Rodgers who may return to the Packers next season if the team plays ball with him now.when you think you now own the team because the team caves in to your every demand on your threat to leave next season even though you are still under contract for two more years you are quite the showman.the Packers are up against the salary cap now and must sign their own free agents for next year.

  4. Beckham only wanted to use the Packers to get a higher offer from the Rams. OBJ is not smart enough to realize this is an old move!

  5. Over the last five NFL seasons, Odell Beckham has averaged 44 catches, 592 yards, 3 TDs per season. That’s 44/592/3, over the last five seasons. He’s had a total of 16 TDs over the last five seasons. Davante Adams had 18 TDs last year. That’s the on-field stuff. The off-field stuff is irrelevant. The guy simply does not perform at a high level. There are plenty of guys around the league making the minimum salary who are more productive. Smart decision by the Packers.

  6. Rodgers throwing to OBJ would have been ridiculous. You messed up OBJ. Stafford is a bum who can’t win big games and now the media and every other clueless football fan will use OBJ as a scape goat when the Rams lose early in the playoffs.

  7. Worked out well imo. Can’t see how OBJ would be anything other than a distraction. Don’t need any more of those.

  8. Could you imagine the hissy fits in GB when AR and OBJ didn’t click? Two of the biggest divas in the NFL. It would have been epic.

  9. The Rams are winless since acquiring Von Miller and Odell Beckham. I think I’d invest in my scouting department.

  10. Based strictly on performance, he’s worth the vet minimum, no more. The Rams are willing in the short-term to overpay him for his celebrity and the possibility that he could regain some of that early career magic.

  11. OBJ could have pulled a Randy Moss with Rodgers and eventually would have made his money. Feeling he needed more money tells you he is more concerned about money than winning.

  12. I tend to think this was all about the “show”, and selling stadium tickets, rather than performance – as stated by many OBJ has been one of the most over hyped players in recent years.
    He was quite stunning in his early years with the Giants, but has gone steadily downhill since.

  13. Seems like Adam’s and that Scandling guy are all the Pack needs anyway, although if Pack management made the offer to keep Rodgers happy that’s pretty funny.

  14. Green Bay wants players who want to be there. OBJ showed the Packers his pocketbook comes first — that is not the way to make a deal with Green Bay.

  15. bsandersupthesidelinecutsbackinside says:
    November 28, 2021 at 10:11 am
    Packers don’t need OBJ, unless he can play defense.

    7th ranked defense in the NFL. I think they’re fine.

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