Sunday Night Football: Despite four Lamar Jackson interceptions, Ravens defeat Browns 16-10

Cleveland Browns v Baltimore Ravens
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Somehow, someway, the Ravens continue to get it done.

After a stunning last-minute victory over the Bears without Lamar Jackson last week, Baltimore was able to overcome a career-high four interceptions by Jackson to defeat Cleveland 16-10 on Sunday Night Football.

The Browns had plenty of chances to get something going, but never really could, scoring just three points off of Jackson’s four picks.

Cleveland punted six times, including twice after scoring a touchdown late in the third quarter to make the score 13-10. The club went three-and-out and punted it back to the Ravens with 6:28 left on the clock.

They got it back with 1:10 left on the clock and no timeouts following Justin Tucker‘s 49-yard field goal. But quarterback Baker Mayfield threw three incompletions and his fourth-down pass to tight end David Njoku was well short of the sticks. 

Baltimore’s defense held Cleveland to just 262 total yards — 222 passing and just 40 yards rushing.

The Browns entered the week leading the league in rushing and got Kareem Hunt back off of injured reserve. The Ravens played the game without key defensive lineman Calais Campbell, who was out with a concussion.

Mayfield finished 18-of-37 passing for 247 yards with a touchdown and no picks, though he did have a lost fumble in the first half. Receiver Jarvis Landry led the team with six catches for 111 yards.

As for Jackson, he finished with his worst passer rating of the season at 46.5. He was 20-of-32 for 165 yards with a touchdown and the four picks — three of which came in the second quarter. But he did enough to help Baltimore win, particularly on the team’s last drive that took 5:18 off the clock.

Jackson led the Ravens with 17 carries for 68 yards.

Tight end Mark Andrews led Baltimore with 65 yards and a touchdown. Marquise Brown had eight catches for 51 yards.

Now at 8-3, the Ravens are the current No. 1 seed in the AFC. They’ll play Pittsburgh for the first time in 2021 next week.

Falling to 6-6, Cleveland has a bye in Week 13. But the club will come right back to face the Ravens again at home in two Sundays.

56 responses to “Sunday Night Football: Despite four Lamar Jackson interceptions, Ravens defeat Browns 16-10

  1. As a Browns fan of 37 years, I’m ready to say I’m done with the Mayfield experiment. Anyone else?

  2. The question is: How many more Ravens will the Browns drive to the Hall of Fame? John Harbaugh. Lamar Jackson. Justin Tucker. The road to Canton runs through the Browns facility.

  3. Baltimore, please pay Lamar $40mm a year. The rest of the league will be thrilled. Wow, is Lamar a terrible QB. If Huntley had played the Ravens would have won 40-10. Lamar is hurting your team, period.

  4. Could you imagine Josh Allen quarterbacking this loaded Browns roster?

    Nah, y’all drafted Baker Mayfield.

  5. This wasn’t a very good game to watch. The Browns had plenty of opportunities to blow this game open behind those 4 picks but the offense is just so stagnant. Looks like Baker has plenty of arm strength to make all the throws but you can see his helmet zone in to one area of the field on each drop back. OBJ wouldn’t change anything on this team seeing as how he’s faired in LA (regardless of the TD catch today). The Ravens would have to play defense like this against the best AFC teams to have a chance in the playoffs. Cause their offense is absolutely nothing to be feared at this point.

  6. I pride myself in being an unbiased Ravens fan that calls it like I see it. Anybody that knows me knows that I defend Lamar from the haters and trolls that just want to see the kid fail. Tonight, Lamar was horrible. I don’t think he threw one good pass all night. The Lamar that played tonight, is not a 40 million plus QB. He has got to be better. I’ve given him a pass most of the season due to all the injuries, his horrible OL, and how much is on his shoulders, but there are no excuses tonight. He had time on many passes. The INTs he threw tonight were high schoolish at best. The one positive and what I do respect about him is that in his on the field interview and post game locker room interview he called out his play and did not shy away from the criticism. You have to respect that when so many QBs take all the praise when things go well, but when things go wrong let the media, their parents, and girlfriends blame everyone around them. Lamar owns up to his failures. But in saying all of that, this team will not go far with the way it’s playing. The only reason they’re the #1 seed is because the rest of the AFC has just as many flaws or started the season slow.

  7. What does Chris Collinsworth see in Lamar Jackson that I don’t? He heaps praise on this guy non-stop.

  8. Can’t say the Browns put Justin Tucker in the Hall (maybe yes to Harbaugh)….that dude is just ridiculous…and as a Browns fan I also hate him (not really, just jealous of course).

  9. Sit Mayfield now Cleveland. I would not evaluate him based on playing with injuries all over the place. If the Browns don’t extend, I expect someone else to sign him, sit him when appropriate and see solid production of a QB who’s not banged up all over the place.

  10. Baker + Stefanski = absolutely pathetic. What will their new excuses be? Stefanski said Baker was good to go for this one, feeling good he said. It was just more of the same. Case Keenum wins that game. It’s all gone flat stupid now in CLE if they continue to keep playing Mayfield. Stefanski is clueless on the sideline. They’ll prob sign Baker to Mahomes money.

  11. QBsThrowTheBall says:
    November 28, 2021 at 11:57 pm

    Baltimore, please pay Lamar $40mm a year. The rest of the league will be thrilled. Wow, is Lamar a terrible QB. If Huntley had played the Ravens would have won 40-10. Lamar is hurting your team, period.

    You make no sense. Huntley? Really, dude? Did you not notice the Ravens are in 1st place in the AFC? All because of Lamar. Funny how you armchair guys think you can speak for the rest of the NFL. DCs fear Lamar and he deserves 50 million a year, btw.

  12. you are what your record says you are;

    Lamar may not be the most complete quarterback in the league, but he seems to find a way to win;

    cannot say the same for Mayfield unless he’s playing Detroit;

  13. Lamar Jackson will never win more than one playoff game. He will win one because his division currently stinks, and they will play a team that limps in. This guy cannot throw when he needs to. He can throw the screen and hit a broken play, but the out routes and slants are always ALWAYS off the mark. I was a fan for a few years and enjoy watching him run. You can’t make him a running back because the only reason he busts big runs is because a play breaks down and the defense breaks down. He can’t be a pocket passer because he can’t hit guys in the run and is a turnover machine when put in difficult situations. When he throws 21-30 for 270 with 20 yards rushing let me know. Until then they will always win just enough to be above average but never enough to be real SB contenders.

    Bake Mayfield = College QB and that’s all.

  14. Hands down, worst hyped game of the year. So boring. The only good laugh was the part where they showed Lamar and Baker winning Heisman awards and everyone watching saying “How the $$%^ did that ever happen?”

  15. No team in the AfC is consistent. Packers look legit. Glad the Browns lost else couldn’t suffer At Home with Baker Mayfield commercials for a million times until next Sunday

  16. The Browns is the Browns. Both of those teams last night set offensive football back to the Stone Ages. Both of those teams are awful. Browns may not win another game the rest of the season, and the Ravens are going nowhere as usual in the Playoffs. Kevin Stefanski should be fired. To throw your awful QB 37 times and Nick Chubb and Kareem Hunt only get 15 combined carries is coaching/play calling malpractice.

  17. Stafanski does not have the Browns ready to play. This is like the 4th game in a row where they came out flat. This has got to change or the Browns don’t have a chance of getting in the playoffs.

  18. Only the Browns could lose when Mr Regular Season throws 4 INTs. Both QBs were wearing clown-shoes last night.

  19. The gushing over “the things that Lamar Jackson can do that others can’t” during the broadcast was just nauseating. When he’s not throwing to wide open tight ends over the middle, he’s just not a good QB. Yeah, highlight throws like the TD to Andrews are fun but they’re high risk and the reason he throws four picks in the game. He continues to get exposed against good defences and It’s hard to see them winning with him.

  20. As a Browns fan of 37 years, I’m ready to say I’m done with the Mayfield experiment. Anyone else?

    Amen brother…and Stefanski needs to consider giving up calling the plays.

  21. Mayfield is broken, he’s so hurt when someone touches his left arm he winces – watch the tape. They have to sit this guy.

  22. A win is a win but the ravens don’t look like beating anybody. 4 interceptions and the browns couldn’t score more than 10. The browns never seemed like they were going to score either. I think this game was more about the browns inability to play football more than the ravens ability to be great.

  23. Lamar should be a pal and get his defense a nice little Christmas gift. That was an absolutely horrific performance.

    The Browns should be ashamed of themselves. The referee LAUGHED when he called them for too many men on the field, twice in a row, on fourth down! D’oh!

  24. Say what you will about Lamar’s passing ability, but his legs give him a larger margin of error when he plays like he did last night.

  25. The only reason the Ravens won is because Mark Andrews caught two horrible passes and turned them into big plays. Lamar Jackson is a slightly above average QB at times. Most of the times he’s slightly below average.

  26. Been a Browns fan since 93…I am officially DONE with mayfield. He’s a scrub. Try to offer 3 first rounders and mayfield for Russell Wilson.

  27. Hey, Mayfield played OK, and well enough to win. His receivers were dropping passes all night. You can’t put last night all on Baker.

  28. ripwarrior says:
    November 28, 2021 at 11:58 pm
    Both of these teams looked pretty rough. I think KC is the most dangerous team in the afc


    You obviously have not been watching the Patriots over the last 6 weeks

  29. Rohanz2000 says:
    November 29, 2021 at 5:50 am
    No team in the AfC is consistent.
    6 wins in a row isn’t enough? See how you feel when it’s 7, on Tuesday morning.

  30. Lamar was terrible last night. The only thing worse was the officiating both on the field and replay in NY. Pathetically bad.

  31. I read a stat somewhere, didn’t have time to verify if it’s true, but a team that threw 4 INT or more was 0-52, until last night. The Browns manage to do the impossible constantly. Mayfield and Stefanski should be jettisoned ASAP

  32. bolognajones says:

    Been a Browns fan since 93…I am officially DONE with mayfield. He’s a scrub. Try to offer 3 first rounders and mayfield for Russell Wilson.

    That sounds like a win-win for both teams. I’d like to see Wilson in Cleveland. He’s a tool, but a hell of a player when not telling the world he wants to be called Mr. Unlimited.

  33. All this criticism and yet we got the W. All great QBs have had a 4 pick game. Lamar was a little rusty, but once again, he got the job done when the chips were on the line and the haters are out in droves as we sit atop the AFC. What did your boy Tannehill do? Remember all you idiots saying Tennessee is currently better than the Ravens? Please stand up and take a bow.

  34. ibewoke says:
    November 29, 2021 at 1:07 am

    If Taysom Hill is called a ‘gadjet QB’, what the hell different is Lamar Jackson?!?

    How bout one guy is a starter, balls out, and gets wins. The other plays 8 snaps a game, way overpaid and stays hurt. Did I miss anythng?

  35. Nite2al is hilarious. Lamar was “a little rusty?” Dude, I know it’s great to support your team and all, but Lamar was atrocious and he’s simply a bad QB. He’s a running back who mostly scrambles and occasionally throws. Funny how in crunch time with 5 min to go in the game the offense basically called all handoffs and keepers for Lamar. They don’t trust him to throw because he can’t. No sane coach would. Why do you think they haven’t given him a new contract? You can’t pay $40mm to a running back who throws multiple picks per game.

  36. Anyone else with me that the college slate delivered significantly better games and quality of play than the pro’s did this past weekend?

  37. Let me get this straight, as long as you are dropback passer and suck and never make the playoffs, it’s ok? But if you are running QB who always makes the playoffs and keep your team atop the division, you should not get a contract and be kicked out the league. Ok, got it.

  38. Can we please stop with the nonsense about Lamar being a MVP candidate? The guy’s leading the league in interception rate per completed pass, is 2nd in total picks, 15th in passing, 16th in QBR, and in his last 5 games he’s averaging 210 yards throwing, 1 TD and nearly 2 picks per game. And despite that his team is 8-3. If someone can tell me how a terrible QB is actually helping his team win games, I’m all ears. What did Lamar do last night to win that game? I mean, aside from the 4 interceptions, whopping 165 yards throwing, and sweet 25 QBR?

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