Christian McCaffrey “devastated” after learning injury is season-ending

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Christian McCaffrey earned a four-year, $64 million extension with his play from 2017-19. Since then, though, McCaffrey has missed more games than he has played.

When this season ends, McCaffrey will have played only 10 of a possible 33 games. He is headed to injured reserve for a second time this year after injuring his ankle in the first half Sunday.

In a statement, McCaffrey appeared as surprised as anyone at Monday’s MRI results.

“I love playing football and have dedicated my entire life to what I believe to be the greatest sport in the world,” McCaffrey said. “Getting healthy and back on the field this season has been my focus everyday from the time I wake up until I go to bed. I’ve put family, friends and all other interests on hold so I can fully concentrate my efforts on treatment, training, practicing, studying, preparing, and playing the game I love at the highest level, which is why my season coming to an abrupt end today leaves me devastated. I am thankful to everyone who continue to help and support me through this difficult time and promise I will fight with everything I have to return bigger, stronger, faster and better than ever. #KeepPounding!”

He finishes 2021 with 99 rushes for 442 yards and a touchdown and 37 receptions for 343 yards and a touchdown in seven games. Since becoming only the third player ever to total 1,000 yards receiving and 1,000 yards rushing in the same season in 2019, McCaffrey has a total of 1,159 yards from scrimmage.

5 responses to “Christian McCaffrey “devastated” after learning injury is season-ending

  1. he needs to convert to a slot receiver. that will pronlong his career and he cant endure as rb anymore

  2. Expected. After that contract he has spent more time watching than playing. 3 Years ago he would play with a broken hand if needed. Now he gets a hangnail and is out for weeks. Running backs and big contracts are a mistake. Not only is he taking cap space but they are getting nothing out of it.

  3. I wish the players on my favorite team had the love of football, Christian McCaffrey appears to have.

  4. Great football player – sad he’s missed so much of the last two seasons. The slot receiver notion above has some real merit. He could be an all-timer at that position. Of course, the same is true for him as a running back. Wishing him nothing but healthy full seasons moving forward!

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