Christian McCaffrey will miss the rest of the season

Carolina Panthers v Miami Dolphins
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Panthers running back Christian McCaffrey‘s season is over.

The team announced that McCaffrey has been placed on injured reserve after hurting his ankle in Sunday’s loss to the Dolphins. It’s the second time he’s been placed on injured reserve this season and he will not be eligible to be activated a second time.

Head coach Matt Rhule said on Monday morning that X-rays were negative and that McCaffrey would go for further tests. The team’s announcement said that findings from an MRI led to the decision to put McCaffrey back on the injured reserve list.

It’s a major disappointment for a player who only played three games last season. He missed five games during his previous stint on injured reserve, so he’ll end this season having missed 23 of the last 33 games for the Panthers.

McCaffrey has a guaranteed salary of $8.1 million for the 2022 season, but there are no guarantees beyond that point and the last two seasons make it a lot less certain that he’ll be seeing out his current deal in Carolina.

36 responses to “Christian McCaffrey will miss the rest of the season

  1. I’ve never heard anything but good about the guy. I hope he has a full recovery and that his football career will continue and thrive.

  2. This guy is made of glass. He’s a great player, but he’s injury prone and he’s being overused by their offense. Now, Cam Newton has no one else to bail him out.

  3. Heal up CM22! It’s starting to look like the injuries my derailed his career. This sucks!

  4. This is unfortunately what tends to happen to RBs, especially ones that get excessive touches and playing time early like McCaffrey did

  5. Rhule announces Cam will continue to start. CM goes out the next day. Coincidence? I sure hope Gilmore is happy with his life choices.

  6. This really sucks for fans of the NFL he seems like a great kid. I hate to see him have a short career due to over use and injury-prone because of it. Hes a beast when healthy.

  7. He reminds me a lot of Sean Lee. A great player who could just never stay healthy. I hate to say it but he should consider retirement.

  8. Can’t use RBs like they did and expect them to hold up. This is why you don’t draft them high or pay them big dollars.

  9. Could well be next year will be it if he gets injured once again …. just don’t slip on your way to the bank as once again the fates make short of what could have been a very very good career.

  10. McCaffrey is a great player, but he has been so over used and it is catching up with him. I hope he recovers quickly and can return, but at some point soon he might just consider calling it a career.

  11. Never understood the thinking behind wanting this guy on your team, he’s NEVER AVAILABLE! Even more over rated than OBJ… Imagine that?!?!?

  12. He is a talented player who means so much to his team. It is a shame to see someone’s career derailed by injuries. Hope he can recover and give it a go next year. Running backs have such a small career “window.”

  13. Maybe squeezing 17 games into 3 and a half months and sometimes making the same team play up to 3 games in 10 days is a stupid idea!

  14. Bummer. Great player. Great person. Teams today should always strive to have 2 good backs in the rotation as often as possible. The old days of relying on one guy to carry the load are long gone and an injury can derail an entire season.

  15. His kind of electric athleticism is very rare; rarer still when combined with durability. Wishing him well, but not optimistic there’s a long career ahead for the young man.

    On that note, these guys from football families(say Watt…?) are great at locking in that first big contract ASAP. Smart!

  16. That 3-0 start is suddenly a distant memory. Looks like who will finish second in the division among the Falcons, Saints and Panthers is anyone’s guess.

  17. I never really saw him as an every day back but the Panthers needed him because their offense stinks without him. Now they’re going to be without him for again. He’s just not very durable for the money they gave him. I wonder if they regret giving him that big contract now. Most of the time that doesn’t work out. Draft one on Sunday, rinse and repeat. Look at James Robinson.

  18. Panthers are always blessed with extremely talented players that are constantly riddled with health problems. Luke Kuekly was another extremely impressive player that had a shorter career due to all of his concussions. Cam had some injuries there as well that lead to his first departure. Gilmore needs to be careful.

  19. Moral of the story don’t ever give a high dollar second contract to a RB, no matter how good they are, let some other team grossly over pay the RB that may only have a year or two left of top talent before the slide begins. Zeke is nowhere near as good as he was when he got paid, that extra money could be paying for a few CB’s that actually could cover instead of having to always grab the receiver and Gurley is no longer in the league.

  20. Remember the size Christian put on a couple of years ago in the off-season? Dude was doing a lot of gear. It’s great for building muscle and getting bigger…..not so good for tendons and ligaments as they don’t grow proportionately. In fact they often give out sooner than the muscle.

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