Frank Reich on 26 consecutive passing plays: We tried to run it and weren’t getting anything

New York Jets v Indianapolis Colts
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After winning three straight games, including a 41-15 victory over the Bills last week, the Colts lost on Sunday to the Buccaneers. And while the team was able to put up 392 total yards, Tampa Bay effectively limited star running back Jonathan Taylor.

In the three-game win streak, Taylor rushed for 172, 116, and 185 yards. He took 19, 21, and 32 carries.

But on Sunday, Taylor had just 83 yards on 16 carries. With Vita Vea and Ndamukong Suh manning the middle of Tampa Bay’s defense, it’s difficult for any team to run. But the Colts had a stretch of 26 called passes between the end of the second quarter and the third quarter.

Granted, the air attack had worked in the first half as the Colts built a 24-14 halftime lead. But the Bucs scored 17 straight points to go up 31-24 with 10:06 left in the fourth quarter.

“We were rolling. We scored 21 points,” head coach Frank Reich told reporters after the game. “We tried to run it in the first quarter, this is the No. 1 run defense, and we weren’t getting anything. We tried throwing in the second quarter and started having a lot of success. Carson [Wentz] was hot. Called a bunch of RPOs that got to throws because they were throw reads. We come out in the third quarter, we move the ball well in the third quarter. We moved down there twice, we’re moving it well. So, I’ll go back and look at it.”

Indianapolis was moving the ball, but Wentz got strip-sacked on a first-down play in the red zone and on a later drive threw an interception to Antoine Winfield.

Reich noted that normally with a long string of pass plays, someone will say something to him.

“Nothing was said to me during that stretch but sometimes something like that will be said,” Reich said. “The reason probably no one was saying anything was because a lot of the things we were calling were working. A lot of them were working against a really good defense. So, I think that’s probably why.”

In the end, the Buccaneers won the game with Leonard Fournette’s 28-yard touchdown.

The Colts can get Taylor back into the MVP conversation with a strong performance next week against the Texans. Taylor rushed for 145 yards in a 31-3 victory over Houston in Week Six.

12 responses to “Frank Reich on 26 consecutive passing plays: We tried to run it and weren’t getting anything

  1. Blueprint is out now. Stop Taylor, put the ball in Wentz hands and the Colts will implode.

  2. cardsgreat says:
    In the end, they lost because their run defense was terrible.

    I won’t argue that their run defense wasn’t horrible in the latter stages of the game. Their pass defense wasn’t that much better.
    Three critical pass-interfence calls in the latter stages of the game changed everything and doomed the Colts. I’m not here to bash the officiating, nor am I remotely suggesting or implying any of those calls were good, bad or otherwise. I’m just saying your pass defense can’t put itself in those positions that many times in a close game and still hope to beat a team like the Bucs.

  3. To beat that team you must do as the saints do continue to run.

    You eat clock to limit the number of drives the key here is they have depth in a long game of stopping the run beats them where they don’t have it.

    Yeah you can throw on them but that also plays into what they want.

    When you are up on a team the clock is not your friend

  4. Hilarious to me how the Titans run Henry into the ground and gets criticized yet Reich tries to avoid the same fate as Henry and gets blasted for it. So where is the medium? Want him to run Taylor into the ground too? Can’t win no matter what he does.

  5. Wentz had nothing to do with the loss. It was all on the defense. People with this hatred for Wentz for no reason looking to blame him for every loss is a joke. Get a clue.

  6. Eagles fans are so angry and upset they have that bum hurts as their QB that they will bash Wentz at any opportunity no matter how bogus their arguments are. Eagles made a huge mistake getting rid of Wentz and they can’t stand it. What a pathetic fanbase. You gave up on him and you reap what you sow.

  7. I can respect that. It beats the Seahawk’s approach of no in-game adjustments to their plan of run, run, pass, punt.

  8. Probably the best run defense in the League. Who can blame him?

    1 less turnover, they win.

  9. Blueprint is out now. Stop Taylor, put the ball in Wentz hands and the Colts will implode.

    Most teams won’t stop Taylor.

    Won’t be a bit surprised if the Colts are in teh AFCC Game.

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