Jaylen Waddle showing he can “run routes and do things” people don’t expect of him

Carolina Panthers v Miami Dolphins
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The Dolphins extended their winning streak to four games on Sunday and rookie wide receiver Jaylen Waddle extended his run of strong play.

Waddle caught nine passes for a season-high 137 yards and a touchdown in the 33-10 win over the Panthers. He has 29 catches for 346 yards during the winning streak and is up to 77 catches on the season, which leaves him on pace to set a new rookie record for receptions by the time the year is out.

After the game, quarterback Tua Tagovailoa said that Waddle has “been in the right place at the right time” and the wideout said he’s made a point of showing that he can do everything the Dolphins need him to do in their offense.

“I work extremely hard not to be completely known as like a speed guy or a guy that’s just a vertical threat,” Waddle said, via David Wilson of the Miami Herald. “I’m continuing to try to go out there every week, and show that I can actually run routes and do things I would say people don’t expect of me.”

The Dolphins face the Giants in Week 13 before going on a bye week and they’ll have an interesting stretch run in front of them if Waddle can help them find their way to another victory.

9 responses to “Jaylen Waddle showing he can “run routes and do things” people don’t expect of him

  1. One of the best parts of this game was watching the deer in a headlights look from Newton. Instead of taking it one game at a time he has to shoot his mouth of and make it about him. Unfortunately his post game talk made it sound like it’s not his fault

  2. If the oline can give Tua just an avg amount of time he can be an above average QB using the decent weapons Miami has… the oline is still a work in progress but we can say it has gotten better…

  3. Waddle is the real deal. And everyone who has been bashing Tua for the past year and a half needs to reevaluate their position. The guy can ball. Apparently his critics never saw him play at Alabama.

  4. Line is playing a little better, Tua is moving within the pocket better, Tua is learning from the reps and multiple looks from those reps and a decent running game helps open up deeper routes.

    Yesterday’s game had a whole bunch of everything including Cam choking on that Miami Defensive pressure.

  5. Uh no, people expect you to be able to run routes and do things you were highly drafted for…
    Somebody should remind Waddle that he was a top ten pick, not a late round flyer. But, congratulations on finally having a game that met those expectations.

  6. Bro, you were picked 6th so I’m pretty sure going the underdog route should not be your thing.

  7. No one is calling Waddle an underdog. Jaylen is saying he wants to prove he’s not one-dimensional.

  8. Well, I would say expect you to be able to run routes and “do things” when you are picked 6th overall. Truthfully up until yesterday he was mediocre at best, not even sniffing the 100 yard mark. His 9.9 avg per catch is pretty ordinary also, I do get that two-yard Tua has something to do with that, but yesterday was the first good game Waddle has had. Pump the brakes a bit on him

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