Joe Burrow has “no hard feelings” over post-interception interaction with T.J. Watt

Pittsburgh Steelers v Cincinnati Bengals
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A second-quarter turnover from Bengals quarterback Joe Burrow resulted in Steelers linebacker T.J. Watt treating Burrow like the potential tackler that he was.

Watt grabbed Burrow by the front of the jersey, eventually guiding him to the ground. Not gently.

Speaking to PFT by phone after the game, Burrow had zero complaints.

“He was just blocking me after the pick,” Burrow said. “[I] was going to go make the play and he decided to block me. . . . It’s football. I told him, ‘Nice block.’  I told him I wasn’t worried about it. No hard feelings.”

Earlier this year, we saw referee Clay Martin physically intervene when Eagles defensive end Derek Barnett tried to block Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady after an interception. I asked Burrow when he thinks he’ll get similar treatment.

“Maybe if I get 15 or 20 years down the road, maybe,” he said, laughing. “Maybe six or seven Super Bowls in. I think Tom can afford that luxury and people will protect him a little more than they will a second-year quarterback.”

Burrow isn’t a guy who wants protection. That’s part of him that may never change. As he said, “It’s football.” He gets it, and he has no problem with that.

10 responses to “Joe Burrow has “no hard feelings” over post-interception interaction with T.J. Watt

  1. Burrow seems like the real deal and congrats to Bengals fans for the beatdown. Steelers got moshed around by schoolyard bullies.

  2. Burrow is a classy guy, but in the very least, watt shot have been flagged for holding I’m pretty sure that grabbing someone’s jersey with both hands isn’t a legal block!

  3. If Ben was held and tossed around like that you know the flags would fly. NFL loves the Stealers.

  4. Dirty play. But nfl won’t do anything because it’s Pittsburgh. Blocking doesn’t require picking someone up and slamming them down

  5. When the fans complain more than the player you know it’s being more about whinnying than facts.

  6. Ever notice how after every Steelers game the opposing QB shows his class when asked about that day’s dirty defensive play? This week it’s Watt (no surprise, he’s horrible) and last week it was Heyward punching Herbert in the chest while he was flat on his back. I hope the Chargers and Bengals from offices contact the NFL and complain. It’s disgraceful. Tomlin needs to be held accountable.

  7. This is the typical play for the Steelers. I love tough football, and I’m totally fine with it if the same plays could go against the Steelers. The second these things happen the Steelers claim the other team is dirty. Ben cries about things said on the field after the game.
    If this had been any other team the played would have been flagged and fined. More Steelers whitewashing by the NFL.

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