Joe Judge: Not every play was perfect, but pleased with how offense worked

Philadelphia Eagles v New York Giants
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The Giants played their first game since firing offensive coordinator Jason Garrett against the Eagles on Sunday and it wasn’t an offensive masterpiece.

They only picked up 264 yards and scored 13 points before failing to put the game away after a late fumble by Eagles running back Boston Scott, but they never turned the ball over and the reaction to the outing wasn’t a negative one. Those were enough points for a 13-7 win and head coach Joe Judge said he was happy with how the offense operated with Freddie Kitchens taking over as the team’s offensive play-caller.

“I thought all of those guys working together did a really good job of talking through the series, making some necessary adjustments,” Judge said at his postgame press conference. “Not every play was perfect. There are a lot of things we’re going to have to go back and make sure we correct, and keep pushing forward and working with, looking at what worked, what didn’t and how we can improve on that. However, in terms of how those guys working together operationally with it, I was very pleased with it. I was very pleased with it.”

Quarterback Daniel Jones said there were a “couple wrinkles” added to the offense and there will likely be more to come as the Giants prepare for a trip to Miami to face the surging Dolphins in Week 13.

6 responses to “Joe Judge: Not every play was perfect, but pleased with how offense worked

  1. Joe Judge must have watched a different game than I did.
    I saw the Eagles turn the ball over 4 times and barely lose.
    Not only that, Regor had key drops at the end of the game.
    If he makes that last catch then they have a chance to win.

    The takeaways are – neither team is any good, and the Eagles need to draft a QB. Trubisky > Hurts.

  2. The offense is still crap. Without 2 red zone Ints and 2 dropped TD passes by the Eagles this wouldn’t have been close.

    As it was the Eagles had no finish in the game and that’s on the Eagles because they were all unforced errors.

  3. When will Philthy get a REAL QB? Seems like all that clown can do is to run with the ball.

    And the New York QB – that game should be a wake up call – you need one too. But the Philthy one was exposed as never going to amount to jack.

  4. No Turnovers is a good START.

    But how in the world are Golloday and Saquon not getting the ball more?

    Throw to Golloday and throw it to Saquon.

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