Kareem Hunt Sr. had some things to say about Baker Mayfield, too

Cleveland Browns v Baltimore Ravens
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It was only 27 days ago that Odell Beckham Sr. lit the fuse for his son’s exit from Cleveland by posting a video of all the times OBJ was open and quarterback Baker Mayfield failed to get the ball to him. During Sunday night’s loss to the Ravens, the father of Kareem Hunt had things to say, too, about the Browns quarterback.

On Facebook, Kareem Hunt Sr. said of Mayfield, “I’m stating facts on football and what we see [is] he’s limping, he’s scared to throw the ball and they know he’s hurt.”

Hunt later added, “I’m not jeopardizing nothing, I got a right to speak. I ain’t posting no videos.”

Whether that’s enough to get Mayfield worked up remains to be seen. He clearly wasn’t happy about the Beckham Sr. social-media statement.

Mayfield has various lingering injuries as the Browns enter their bye week. Coach Kevin Stefanski made it clear that a quarterback change won’t happen when the Browns host the Ravens in Week 14.

When asked about the possibility of benching Mayfield, coach Kevin Stefanski turned the tables on the reporter, Tony Grossi of ESPN Cleveland. “Let me ask you a question, why would we do that?”

Here’s why you would, frankly. Because your starter isn’t 100 percent, and because he’s not performing at an acceptable level. And because the Browns have quarterback Case Keenum as the backup. And because Keenum, working with Stefanski in Minnesota, nearly took the Vikings to the Super Bowl four years ago.

As Stefanski said last night, the running game struggled because they were seeing loaded boxes. Obviously, they’re seeing loaded boxes because the Baltimore defense isn’t afraid of the quarterback. Whether it’s because of injury or regression, it’s not working currently for Mayfield as a passer.

Since generating a season-high 132.6 passer rating against the Bengals in Week Nine, Mayfield has completed 44 of 87 passes (50.5 percent) for 496 yards (5.7 yards per attempt), three touchdowns, and three interceptions. That equates to a passer rating of 65.11.

Whatever the reason(s), Mayfield isn’t playing like he did last year. Whatever the reason(s), the Browns won’t bench him and let him heal. The end result is a toxic stew that has the Browns underachieving and Mayfield slowly but surely alienating the fan base. Including the father of Kareem Hunt.

44 responses to “Kareem Hunt Sr. had some things to say about Baker Mayfield, too

  1. Far as I can tell Baker Mayfield is a six inch shorter, sixty pound lighter . Many times less athletic , porter ghrowing Cam Newton. Browns are going nowhere with him and we all know it

  2. Kareem Hunt has been estranged from his father for most, if not all of his life. I doubt Kareem Hunt Jr had his father state this.

  3. Clearly, Baker’s really banged up and both he and the Browns are letting pride get in the way of common sense. Why let him play and make things so much worse? It’s not as if Keenum doesn’t know the offense or how Stefanski works. For the love of God, tell Mayfield to take a seat and recover properly from his injuries!1

  4. In his defense, he’s from Cleveland. So he’s probably a die hard Browns fan, even absent his son playing for the Browns. So he probably popped off like every fan does on message boards on Sundays.

  5. Mayfield sucks period. It obviously wasn’t OBJs fault he overthrows all of his receivers. And Stefanski frankly is more to blame because he threw 37x and Chubb and Hunt 2 of the best RBs in the NFL only carried it a combined 15x. Stefanski has no clue. He keeps blaming himself. Well no kidding. He obviously hasn’t heard the definition of insanity which is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. Both Mayfield and Stefanski need to go

  6. Stefanski is doing a disservice to the rest of the team, to the organization, and to the Browns fans by playing a banged up Mayfield over a healthy Keenum.

  7. when did everyone’s pop turn into a football guru? i don’t recall your sons complaining as much as you do.

  8. Kareem Hunt was OPEN in the middle of the field and Baker throws to a receiver on his right that was covered by two defenders!!!
    Hunt was OPEN again in the middle, Baker throws downfield incomplete to covered receiver!

    Can you imagine Josh Allen as the Browns QB last night!!! 6’5″ tall, a bazooka for a throwing arm, can really run, and the Browns pass on a QB like Josh Allen that comes along once in about every ten years!
    I begged and begged and begged in so many emails and tweets to the Browns to
    PLEASE DRAFT JOSH ALLEN. Now people, you know the rest of the story!!! Not nice…

  9. Big Baker is injured. Shut him down. Let the man rest. Don’t grind him into dust like Ron Rivera did with Chris Mccafery

  10. Stefanski’s play calling, where he neglected his two best offensive players all night, and his response to that reporter’s question genuinely makes me think this guy was a one trick pony last year, bc both were pure incompetence. It doesn’t take a genius to know Baker shouldn’t be on the field right now and that regardless of how good the Ravens rush defense is, you have the best rushing attack in the league and you should lean on it instead of throwing the ball 40 times and running only 15 times, especially is you’re playing your injured QB.

  11. Having a young coach is part of the problem for the Browns . It’s clear Mayfield is hampered by injuries but wants to play . Stefanski doesn’t want to alienate a hypersensitive Mayfield by saying no , you’re not playing to you are healthy enough to help the team. By deferring to Mayfield Stefanski is now losing the respect from others on the team for not making the best decision for the team . Hate to say it Browns fans but your season is over and the once bright future is now shrouded in doubt and tough questions that don’t have easy answers . First , is a healthy Mayfield a franchise QB and second , is Stefanski tough enough to succeed as a HC . Based on this season there’s enough there to say no but blowing it up and starting over again doesn’t seem to be a viable alternative either . Going to be an interesting offseason for the Browns .

  12. I hoped Tony Grossi responded with “Because his injuries are negatively impacting his performance”

  13. While everyone pointing out that the team holding Baker together with masking tape and pushing him out there every week when it was said weeks ago he needs surgery isn’t helping the Browns can we point out how unmanly it is that grown men have there parents and spouses going on social media tantrums on their behalf like they’re 16 year old entitled princesses.

  14. Why was BM left in the game? He could barely walk let alone throw. There were multiple opportunities for the Browns to win that game. He should have been rested.

  15. The dude is playing for his contract extension but the coach needs to man up and sit this guy for when it matters most so he can heal up a bit.

  16. Here’s a better question for Stefanski, why wouldn’t you replace a QB that can’t hit wide open receivers and can’t read a defense to save his life?

  17. Why would Mayfield get “worked up” about Hunt Sr. posting anything on Facebook, his family does the same every week. I guess Stefanski has officially been de-geniused!

  18. Stefanski weird loyalty towards Mayfield coupled with his weird play calling have done nothing but
    hurt the team the coach went from the penthouse to the outhouse in one year which next season also put’s him in the hot seat to be fired .

  19. Let Baker recover this year. He can take a home town deal in the offseason and great things will start to happen for the Browns. It’s the way things work in the NFL

    Remember, QBs who take those extraordinarily high raises often get paid by the league to lose

    NFL is sports entertainment

  20. I wish the Browns had taken a chance on Mac Jones .injured or not Jones has the poise and accuracy Baker lacks even when healthy. We all know Baker is not the answer. I think Cleveland will be all in on Rodgers or Wilson when the season is over.

  21. I’m not sure I understand the disdain for Mayfield. If he’s hurt, sit him and start Keenum. Sometimes players competitive spirit won’t allow them to make the right decision to sit down and let someone else take the reigns. What I do know is that the Browns were trash for twenty-some years prior to Mayfield so I think he deserves some slack. Bench him and let him get healthy.

  22. The man is clearly injured so sit him and play Keenum. He won the game when he played right? Let him heal the rest of the year and go w/ Keenum he’s a pretty good QB, stats never lie.

  23. Dear parents of ALL professional Athletes:

    Rule #1:- no one wants to hear you spout off about anything…..ever.
    Rule #2:- you have only to follow Rule #1

  24. He looks like a fan who got the chance to play for an NFL team as part of a promotion and just stick around.

    He’s by no means a bad player but certainly not a good one either. Even when healthy. He can do some things, make some plays, Super Bowls however are not in his future.

    Amazing to see where Mayfield, Darnold and Rosen are right now. Even Josh Allen’s arrow is pointing straight down after teams are seeing he’s not accurate. The once vaunted 2018 draft class isn’t looking so hot right now, even with Lamar Jackson included.

    Burrow, Tua, Herbert will run circles around the 2018 QBs.

  25. Stefanski is letting Baker play as Baker is writing his own resume’ for the future! His play this year is telling Stefanski and Berry everything they need to know about the future of the QB position at the Browns. Just watch they will be selecting the next qb of the Browns in the next year or so!

  26. I understand Baker is afraid of losing his job so wants to start even when he is hurt and ineffective. Stefanski needs to be a little more afraid of losing his job. A healthy Baker isn’t much better than a healthy Keenum. A hurt Baker is much worse than a healthy Keenum. Keenum needs to start, if not for the rest of the season at least until Baker isn’t noticeably hurt.

  27. Baker is clearly injured and hurting the team. You can say toughness, grit, or any other adjective you want. He’s not going to take himself out so Stefanski needs to do the right thing and bench baker.

  28. minime says:
    November 29, 2021 at 10:46 am
    Players should tell their relatives to be quiet.


    In athletics, parents running their mouths off starts at an early age of their kids.

  29. Blackpool says:
    November 29, 2021 at 1:06 pm
    In athletics, parents running their mouths off starts at an early age of their kids.
    Their kid doesnt even have to be talented for parents to spout off about them, lol

  30. The problem actually was that Coach Stefanski didn’t have Kareem out there at the right times. Dropped pass by (RB) Felton on 3rd down when obviously should have had Hunt in there and would have caught the ball. Also, yeah, when Baker fumbled on the perfect screen set up for Kareem that would have probably gone for a TD in the 2nd quarter, sure, big mistake – but it was mostly because the coach didn’t have Kareem in and then at the end of the game his leg was hurt and so they couldn’t put him in. Anyway, not exactly all Baker’s fault…or Kareem’s.

  31. Mayfield is too banged up and they should sit him to let him heal. Also, Chubb is great, but they don’t use Hunt enough. And, frankly, Johnson was great when given the chance, so keep him in the mix, as well.

    If the Browns want to play smash-mouth football that’s fine, but if the running game is getting stuffed by the defense loading the box, then you need to be more creative than running right at that loaded box.

    Running the ball is the right idea, but short passes and screens help with opening up the regular run game.

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