Kevin Stefanski “frustrated” with Browns’ offense, but won’t bench Baker Mayfield

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Browns coach Kevin Stefanski described his team’s performance on Sunday Night Football as “very, very disappointing,” and described himself as “frustrated” with his offense. But he insisted that Baker Mayfield will remain the starting quarterback.

Asked by a reporter after the game if a quarterback change could be coming, Stefanski said “No. No. Let me ask you a question: Why would we do that? We’re not doing that.”

Why would the Browns bench Mayfield? Perhaps because he has had ugly numbers while the Browns have scored a grand total of 27 points over the last three games. Perhaps because Mayfield is obviously struggling with injuries. Perhaps because they won the one game backup Case Keenum started in Mayfield’s place this season.

All those issues aside, Stefanski indicated that he puts more of the blame for the Browns’ offensive struggles on himself than on Mayfield.

“It is very frustrating to not score enough,” Stefanski said. “We’re just not doing a good enough job and it starts with me.”

Mayfield completed just 18 of 37 passes for 247 yards against the Ravens. The Browns aren’t going to win many games down the stretch if Mayfield keeps completing less than 50 percent of his passes. But they aren’t going to consider a different quarterback.

14 responses to “Kevin Stefanski “frustrated” with Browns’ offense, but won’t bench Baker Mayfield

  1. I see a head coach/OC that scripts a opening series beautifully, but struggles calling plays and personnel use the rest of the game. Why are Chubb and Hunt on the sidelines frequently? Felton over Hunt on that important 3rd down?

  2. Baker is a wanna be Brett farve self proclaimed hack, maybe if he didn’t spend all his time doing commercials and spent more time giving a 100% to the team they would win more games.

  3. He’s probably better than Case Keenum, but he didn’t look good yesterday. One thing is for sure though, the Browns would be insane to sign him to a $40 million a year long term deal.

  4. When your defense gets you four interceptions and your offense can’t do anything with them, change must come.

  5. The roughing the passer and the TD, towards the end of the game, were gifts to the Browns by the NFL

  6. His ankle, foot, shoulder are all leaving him hobbled. They have to bench him for at least 2 weeks and let Keenum handle this. Also, run the ball more! I don’t understand all the throws from this broken QB when they have two stud RBs.

  7. Injured ankle, both knees, torn meniscus in his shoulder, and fractured bone in his shoulder. Stefanski calls 37 passes and only 15 runs with Chubb and Hunt both active.. Haters gonna hate.

  8. This sure is a stubborn coach. Even if he’s calling bad plays…Baker needs to know when to throw it away and to stop trying to force passes into triple coverage. Baker’s bad decisions when the game is on the line are huge momentum killers. He’s a turnover machine. The fact that he’s limping off of the field and the coach isn’t going to make a move for the betterment of the rest of the players, speaks volumes. OBJ will be one of many that will want to jump out of this situation if Stefanski doesn’t start having a team-first mentality by going to a healthy backup over a starter that is not even in the top half of the league in most of the stats that count. Baker is currently the problem, not the solution. He’s a square peg that Stefanski is trying to force into a round hole. The person who should truly be blamed is the GM who drafted Baker over Lamar.

  9. How about calling out receivers for all the dropped passes? Three catchable balls were dropped in their last possession. So many people call out Mayfield – and he has a lot of room for improvement – but the Browns need to run more, or get creative with getting the ball to Chubb and Hunt in space with short passes. And everyone needs to do better about catching the damn ball.

  10. There is a difference between benching and resting. BM was the walking wounded. They lost by 6-points. He should have been pulled.

  11. Noodle arm Keenum is not the answer either. The Browns need to go after Deshaun Watson.

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