Kevin Stefanski won’t give up Browns’ play calling

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Browns coach Kevin Stefanski admits his offense needs to change. But he’s not offering many specifics about what is going to change.

Stefanski said today that he will continue to call the plays on offense, and that the communication among himself, offensive coordinator Alex Van Pelt and line coach Bill Callahan remains strong.

“I’m comfortable with the communication that goes on throughout the week, on game day, the offensive staff is outstanding, especially Bill and Alex throughout the game,” Stefanski said. “So I’m comfortable with how we’re doing it right now. We just have to be better. I have to be better. That’s the truth. But we just have to find ways to stay on the field, get sevens when we get down to the red zone.”

Stefanski has also ruled out benching quarterback Baker Mayfield, so whatever changes are coming to the Browns’ offense, they likely won’t be the kinds of major changes that will be evident on game days. It’s still going to be Stefanski calling the plays that Mayfield has to execute.

10 responses to “Kevin Stefanski won’t give up Browns’ play calling

  1. Surprised it’s even a question. He’s had tons of injuries to deal with and Mayfield is so erratic as to drive a coach crazy.

  2. And when I renewed my season tickets, I thought they hired the smart guy. JOKES on Me !!

  3. Mighty impressive offense you got there, Kevin! That fake QB was donating the ball to you no less than four times yesterday and how many points did YOUR offense generate? It is not like the Baltimore football team has a defense that is that impressive.

  4. I don’t understand why Cleveland has such a strong line when it comes to not playing Case Keenum.

    What’s the point of having a backup who is liked/known by the coaching staff, was a former starter for multiple years, has already won a game against a decent opponent in primetime, and isn’t injured, if you’re not going to use him?

    This would’ve been the game to try out Keenum; give Baker an extra week to rest, if it goes awful then you play Baltimore again with Baker when he’s healthier & has less expectations.

  5. Well sure, because that’s working so well for the team. Some people are just better being an offensive co-ordinator, than they are at trying to be both that and a head coach. And it’s no reflection on ability. The trick is to recognize it and not let your ego get in the way.

  6. He is losing credibility very fast with the fans it’s not often you see a coach go from the penthouse to the outhouse in less then a year .
    Every week it was we gotta work harder getting OBJ the ball ( failed ) then also it was every week it was his job to put players into a position so they had success ( that also sadly has failed ) .

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