Lamar Jackson to teammates: Way to have my back, I owe y’all

Cleveland Browns v Baltimore Ravens
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The Ravens have won a lot of games thanks to quarterback Lamar Jackson the last few years, but they won in spite of him on Sunday night.

Jackson threw four interceptions against the Browns and three of them came on consecutive drives in the second quarter. The Browns only turned those giveaways into three points, however, and the Ravens were able to secure a 16-10 win that kept them in the top spot in the AFC playoff picture.

After the game, Jackson said he was upset with himself and grateful for his teammates for making sure that the turnovers didn’t come back to haunt the team.

“I’m ticked off, but I told all those [defensive] guys, ‘Man, way to have my back. Way to have my back, because y’all deserved that. You played lights out,'” Jackson said, via the team’s website. “Just watch film and critique myself like I always do. I’m hot, though. I threw four interceptions, three in the first half. I feel like those drives, when the interceptions came, we could’ve done something on those drives. We could’ve put points on the board. I just told my team, ‘That’s me. I owe y’all.'”

The four interceptions were uncharacteristic for Jackson, but a more recognizable play came in the third quarter when Jackson dropped well behind the line of scrimmage and avoided the rush long enough to deliver a touchdown pass to tight end Mark Andrews in the third quarter. That play accounted for the final margin of victory and made it easier to swallow Jackson’s career-high in interceptions.

14 responses to “Lamar Jackson to teammates: Way to have my back, I owe y’all

  1. We all have your or Ravens back. Hopefully the latter will break the bank to pay you and be in cap hell for years to come!!! Pulling for you!!

  2. Yes Lamar. You played like trash. Dispute the 4 INTs, we were fortunate to get the W, ven though the NFL tried to keep the Browns in it with the horrible roughing the passer penalty and the TD pass that clearly hit the ground.

  3. No one in Baltimore is phased by the 4 interceptions. The only statistics that count are Wins and Superbowl Wins. Lamar is racking up Wins at a faster pace than any other QB in history. The SBs will follow. And don’t forget, he’s still only 24. He’s special.

  4. He does owe them because he throws a terrible ball they have to contort their bodies, roll on the turf, dive in the air, reach backwards for… just to catch. He rarely makes it easy on them.

  5. Add another team that needs a professional level of QB behind center – this idiot ran so often that he looked like the starting running back. And lord knows he has a problem completing a pass to the right receiver.

  6. Sure, let’s focus on the prayer of a throw Lamar put up with no receiver identified and just threw it up for grabs. And then the seas parted and the Browns decided to have no one within 10 yards of Mark Andrews. That was luck, not skill, and a poor decision as it could easily have been intercepted. Just like his other 4 picks. But let’s not let facts get in the way of continuing to hype Lamar after he just played the worst game a QB has played all season long!

  7. He’s not a passer. Never was. Never will be. And now for some reason can’t run like lightning as he did the past couple years.

  8. I still can’t believe they called that bounced pass a TD for the Browns. Even Collingsworth and the tv ref were saying “can’t see it” and “can’t tell one way or the other” when it obviously bounced. That was so weird– and is just another thing which makes people think games are fixed.

  9. Look, Lamar made some bad passes last night. He played poorly, no doubt.

    And he is certainly not a classic passer, but lets look at some numbers of recent QB greats.

    Tom Brady, 4 Int’s, 6 different times. Peyton, 4 Int’s only 5 times…but 6 int’s in 1 game. Drew Brees (Mr. Accurate) 3 games with 4 Int’s. Big Ben, only 2 games with 4 Int’s, but 1 with 5. Eli, 4 games with 4 Int’s, and 2 with 5. Phillip Rivers 4 Int’s in 3 games.

    Baltimore Legend (and 100% the father of the modern passing era) John Unitas had 5 Int’s 4 different times.

    Relax! Let’s stop the BS…a lot of QB’s have been in this boat. They had fairly decent careers despite a bad game here or there.

    It’d be different if Lamar wasn’t a guy that works harder than anyone else. This won’t happen often. Bank it!

  10. It is so fun to see all his haters jump on this so quickly. Lamar will figure it out. He’s owning it.

  11. The problem is Lamar isn’t a QB. Sure, Brady and Manning threw multiple picks in games but they also threw lasers too. The coaches didn’t even trust Lamar to throw down the final stretch of the game because in addition to being inaccurate, he can’t read defenses and make the right decisions. No, he’s not going to figure it out. He’s in his 4th year doing the same things he did as a rookie. Yes, he’s a spectacular athlete and exciting to watch but he’s a great scrambler, not a good QB. Last night was example #20 and he’s played what, 50 plus games in his career? He is not figuring it out.

  12. My advice Ravens fans, ignore the trolls. It’s probably 1 or 2 people with multiple screen names. Lamar will be fine. He had a horrible game Sunday, and is currently having the worse stretch of his career. It happens. The “He’s not a QB” and “This play and that play was luck” crowd are people that are just mad because he wins in an untraditional way. Because he doesn’t sit in the pocket, fall down every time a defender breathes on him, and throw 5 yard screen and shovel passes that his playmakers turn into 50+ yd gains he’s not a good QB. They’re not even worth addressing anymore. I guarantee you if Lamar wins a Super Bowl you’ll either not hear from them until the following season when he has a bad stretch, or they’ll spend all offseason saying how it was luck he won and/or he only won because of his team. Maybe I should start going to certain QBs articles and saying how they’re not QBs and that they only had 300 yds passing because their WR turned 2 5 yard swing passes into 50 yd TDs. Or how they only win because they have all day in the pocket and all these weapons that catch everything they throw. Just silly and sad really.

  13. Lamar Jackson is a great football player and a great young man. He takes on responsibility for failure the same way he so often puts the team on his back during games. That he was seething about his performance Sunday night came through loud and clear, post-game. He’s a true leader – he took himself to task in a win!

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