Mac Jones becomes the clear favorite for offensive rookie of the year

Tennessee Titans Vs. New England Patriots At Gillette Stadium
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Five weeks ago, it appeared that Bengal receiver Ja’Marr Chase would definitely win the NFL’s offensive rookie of the year award. Now, the odds have swung dramatically in someone else’s favor.

With PointsBet, Patriots quarterback Mac Jones has overtaken Chase. Jones has -215 odds, which means that it takes a bet of $215 to win $100. Chase sits at +175.

Since generating 201 yards against the Ravens in Week Seven, Chase has accounted for a total of 152 yards. He had six touchdowns in his first seven games; he’s had only two in all since then. It’s a byproduct of defenses focusing on taking Chase away, and of quarterback Joe Burrow taking what the defense is giving him.

Meanwhile, the Patriots have won six in a row, with an offense led by the first-year quarterback.

No one else is even close. Steelers running back Najee Harris has moved to +1800. Next comes Dolpins receiver Jaylen Waddle, at +4000.

Waddle becomes an intriguing option. He had the first 100-yard game of his career on Sunday. If he finishes strong — and if the Dolphins make the playoffs — maybe he’ll get some votes.

For now, though, it looks to be Jones’s award to lose. If the Pats keep winning, he won’t.

30 responses to “Mac Jones becomes the clear favorite for offensive rookie of the year

  1. Biggest imprrssion Mac has made on me is how quickly he was able to lead the offense.
    Despite his youth and lack of pro experience he looks absolutely at home running a pro offense.

  2. And league MVP as well as he outplays Brady almost weekly now.

    He was 11-11 for 169 yesterday off playaction.

  3. Imagine what Mac Jones might be 3 or 4 years down the road! Everything is in place for him to succeed…great ownership, and great coaching. The only thing that needs to be worried about is if Josh McDaniel’s leaves for a HC job imo.

  4. tripower66 says:
    November 29, 2021 at 12:56 pm
    Sorry, Creed Humphrey is the highest rated rookie at his position, but everyone loves QB wins

    With all due respect to Creed it’s a lot harder to come in as a rookie and play QB than it is to play center

  5. touchback, Brady owns your mind. You better hope the super bowl matchup isn’t Patriots vs. Bucs, because that would be your worst nightmare ever. Imagine if Brady defeated Belichick twice.

  6. Elijah Mitchell should be getting more love now that he is the obvious starter. Najee Harris is great but Mitchell has almost the same amount of yards on about 50 less carries.

  7. Buffalo is gonna roll the Pats next week. All of NE’s wins are vs terrible or injured teams..maybe with the exception of Chargers. But yeah give Mac the ROY award, who cares.

  8. Mac looks great. Looks like the Pats might have their Montana/Young scenario (cue TB comment that those 2 are “overrated”).

    He has weaknesses in his game, but they may just be rookie things. He isn’t very agile in the pocket, and his long ball isn’t very good (his wind up is big when he throws it deep). In that sense, scouts were right – and they were also right that he was the most pro ready & could step right in.

    In a way, not much of this is a surprise.

  9. Because wins are a QB stat?

    How about Judon for DPOY? We wouldn’t even be discussing Mac without him.

  10. That corner fade throw to Bourne was as precise as it could be. Bourne made a great move to catch and get his feet down. That helped. But that ball was my first WOW moment for Mac J.

  11. comments321 says:
    Buffalo is gonna roll the Pats next week. All of NE’s wins are vs terrible or injured teams..maybe with the exception of Chargers. But yeah give Mac the ROY award, who cares.
    Who have the Bills played that is any good and have beaten? The Chiefs, that’s it and that was when the Chiefs were playing lousy. Colts cleaned the Bills clock, at home, plus they lost to the horrible Jags and Steelers. Pats have lost to Tampa Bay by 2 points, took the Cowboys to OT and were beaten pretty good by a healthy Saints team. Pats lost to to the Dolphins by 1 point in week one w/ a QB starting his 1st game ever in the NFL. If only the Bills had a running game and could stop the run on D they might have had a chance this Monday Night.

  12. Chase has disappeared with double coverage over the last 4 weeks. As for Jones, I guess that’s why all the Brady > Bill people are gone.

  13. There are legitimate concerns for Mac Jones going forward. First, like all rookies, he has never played more than 12 games per season. Second, he has not played in cold weather until this past Sunday.
    So game at Buffalo will be a big challenge for Jones.

  14. One game at a time all the teams goals are in front of them that takes precedence over any individual would it be nice for him to win sure but team goals come first.

  15. @billsrthefuture:

    I agree with most of what you say about Jones. But, I also think his pocket awareness/agility will improve with work, your QB is proof of that. And like Brady I think he’ll be able to work on the fastball/longball.
    Imo I think Jones has tremendous upside!

  16. Mac was on full display last year in college. Almost every team was in position to draft Mac or reasonably move up in the draft in order to draft him. Instead they let the most successful franchise in the last 20 years get a hold of him. He could be the Pats QB for the next 20 years. Oh well.

  17. Is it good or bad to have a dominant franchise over decades? The Yankees, Celtics, Lakers, Spurs, Canadians, Packers and 49ers all had long-term success and that increased interest in their respective sport.

    Let’s face it, the psyche of the average American male wants to support his tribe and hate on the rival tribe. The 2001 and 2021 Patriots were underdogs but success breeds contempt. Some of the most watched super bowls included the Patriots.

  18. Mac is exactly what the prognosis for him was. Pretty outstanding performance for a first year starting QB. What is scary is he will get better with experience

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